Zooey Deschanel And ‘Property Brother’ Jonathan Scott Secretly Married In Las Vegas?

Are Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott married? One tabloid boldly claimed the two would get married on Valentine’s Day. Gossip Cop is looking back on this story as a reminder of how preposterous some coverage of the Property Brothers star can be.

Elaborate Vegas Wedding

According to OK!, Scott and Deschanel got married on Valentine’s Day. An insider said, “they’ve been talking about getting married for about a year and just decided to go for it.” The wedding was “very spur-of-the-moment, but that’s how Zooey likes to do things – and now Jonathan too,” the source said. A supposed source said, “Jonathan and Zooey are head over heels crazy about each over, and friends say a baby would make their happiness complete.”

The outlet claimed to know the details of this wedding down to what the two wore. An insider said Deschanel wore a “bohemian-inspired gown and flowers in her hair,” before adding “I’m sure it was very emotional.” This is the kind of small detail that inadvertently reveals how impossible this story is: how would this source know what Deschanel wore (and what does Bohemian-inspired even mean?), yet not know if the ceremony was emotional or not?

This implies that this nameless source is almost omniscient, but somehow absent from the ceremony itself. With logic gaps like this, it was impossible to trust this story. A rep for Deschanel told Gossip Cop that this story was total nonsense.

They’re Still Together

If and when Deshcnael and Scott get married, it won’t be a secret. You can expect major coverage from all the major legitimate news sources, none of which took the bait on this ridiculous wedding story. In March, Scott posted a lovely photograph of himself with Deschanel where he called her “my perfect person.” 

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In its coverage of this photo, People called Deschanel his “girlfriend,” but not his wife. Since this outlet is far more legitimate than OK!, we know this wedding story cannot be true.

She’s Open To More Kids

Deschanel already has two children from her previous marriage. In a 2017 interview, she told Us Weekly that she was open to having more children. She said, “what’s better than more kids? They are so cute.” Of course, she said this before even meeting Scott, so take it with a grain of salt.

Other Silly Stories

This tabloid actually already reported that Deschanel was pregnant with Scott’s baby. Last August, it said both she and Drew Scott’s wife Linda Phan were expecting at the same time. This would make Deschanel eight months pregnant now, which she obviously isn’t. The National Enquirer, which shares the same owner as OK!, claimed a lawsuit against Property Brothers threatened to destroy both relationships. 

Both relationships are still going strong, so that story was totally false as well. Gossip Cop thinks marriage and kids could definitely be in Scott and Deschanel’s future, but this wedding report was extremely hasty.

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