You Can Make Hard Boiled Eggs Without Boiling Them – Here’s How

Who doesn’t love a hardboiled egg? Soft, creamy yellow yolks surrounded by tender whites is utter perfection. Yet making the perfect hard boiled egg every time is nearly impossible – until now. Say goodbye to uncertainty and skip the boiling when it comes to hard-boiled eggs. 

The Secret to Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Culinary genius Julia Child has graced home cooks with a fool-proof method of hard-cooking eggs without boiling them. You heard us right! No boiling. 

If you’re scratching your head, wondering how this is possible, put your apprehensions aside, as Child is a cooking legend for a reason. 

Why no boiling? Because the trick to egg-cellent hard-boiled eggs is not over-cooking them. Child’s brilliant method prevents overcooking and the dreaded green line around the yolk, a result of boiling the eggs way too long. Instead, Child cooks the eggs by stopping right before they come to a true boil. 

Still a bit confused? Let’s break it down with Child’s fool-proof recipe.

Julia Child’s Hard Boiled Egg Recipe

This no-boiled egg version is guaranteed to be your go-to method for hard-boiling eggs. As a result, you won’t experience split eggs or green lines around the yolk. Best of all, this easy method makes for easy peeling! 

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  1. For hard-boiled eggs, gently place your preferred number of eggs in a single layer in a large saucepan. Then, add cold water, making sure the eggs are covered by at least one inch. 

2. Bring the eggs just to a boil. Next, remove the saucepan from the heat, cover it and set it aside for at least 17 minutes. 

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3. Once the eggs finish cooking, transfer them to a bowl of ice water. Do not discard water in the saucepan.  

4. Allow the eggs to cool in the ice water for two minutes. While the eggs cool, bring the water in the saucepan back to just a boil. 

5. Place the eggs back into the saucepan for approximately 10 seconds. Finally, remove the eggs from the saucepan one last time, and transfer them back into the ice water for 15 minutes. 

6. Cool the eggs completely, and gently peel back the shells to reveal the perfect hard-boiled egg. 

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