Worst wrestling gimmicks of all time

10 Times Great Wrestlers Overcame Bad Gimmicks Professional wrestlers frequently have gimmicks and some of them are downbest awful! Here"s a look at 10 times good rivals endured poor gimmicks!

10 Great Wrestlers Who Overcame Bad Gimmicks
Wrestling is different than other creates of athletic competition in a shocking variety of means. But the best might be the fact that wrestlers need a gimmick of some sort to obtain over through fans. In other pro sporting activities, you simply must walk out tbelow and play well, then not say somepoint stupid once interperceived after the game.

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Wrestlers need an in ring character that helps them stand out and also fans have the right to latch onto but it likewise hregarding fit the wrestler. Possibly the greatest gimmick of all time is The Undertaker, which could not have been portrayed properly by any kind of other wrestler. But without better aperform, here"s a look at 10 times excellent wrestlers had to conquer awful gimmicks!

Dolph Ziggler will certainly go dvery own as among the worst in-ring names in the background of professional wrestling. But Nic Nemeth has actually made it work, and also has the championship reigns to prove his success. The funny thing is that Dolph Ziggler is actually a action up from a very early WWE gimmick as Nicky, one of the members of The Spirit Squad. No, they were not a Ghostbusters ripoff. The Spirit Squad was a team of five male cheerleaders that would attack their opponents as a unit. They also ended up being the lackeys of Mr. McMahon in his war versus the redeveloped DX.

9 Kizarny

Sometimes build up simply does not payoff. Ask the Gobbledy Gooker. The very same is true for Kizarny, though at leastern he didn"t have to break out of a huge egg dressed as a turkey-choose creature. Through a long series of vignettes, WWE accumulated a wrestler dubbed Kizarny.

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As the name would certainly indicate, he was inspired by carnies in some method. But the gimmick did not resonate via fans at all. After a few dark matches and probably a pair of SmackDown appearances, Kizarny was gone from WWE. Nick Cvetkovich ongoing to wrestle and has done much much better for himself because moving on.

For some factor, WCW maintained trying to make wrestling gimmicks based upon video games, specifically Mortal Kombat. Glacier, that was based upon Sub-Zero, was their the majority of successful knockoff though that isn"t saying a lot. Mortis was an additional knockoff, though not seemingly of any kind of particular Mortal Kombat character yet the impetus was there. Underneath the mask was the late Chris Kanyon, that would certainly go on to have a far more successful career without the ridiculous gimmick.

7 Fake Diesel

Kevin Nash and also Scott Hall tore the entire wrestling a new one once they left WWF for WCW. Alongside Hulk Hogan, they debuted a brand-new heel faction dubbed the nWo and ignited the Monday Night Wars. But despite the departure of 2 of their biggest talents, WWF announced that Diesel and Razor Ramon were going to rerevolve.

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Naturally, this confused the hell out of everyone. When the duo returned, it was two completely various wrestlers adopting the popular gimmicks. It didn"t go well. But Fake Diesel, as the character is currently affectionately remembered, was played by Glen Jacobs who would ultimately be much better known as Kane.

Fake Diesel was not the first horrible gimmick that Glen Jacobs initially had to overcome on his method to success. Prior to subbing in for Kevin Nash as Diesel, there was a thanktotally brief period that he actually adopted the identity of an evil dentist called Issac Yankem. Again, the gimmick completely flopped, leaving Jacobs to come to be Diesel-lite. Thankcompletely for Glen"s career, he would certainly return under the mask of Kane and launch among the a lot of effective careers in wrestling background. On the various other hand also, Britt Baker"s condition as the many effective dentist in the ring continues to be untested.

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5 Xanta Claus

Balls Mahoney was among the a lot of recognizable stars ECW had, even though he was only with them for a couple of short years. He fit in well through the rest of the crew tright here and stuck it out with ECW"s final days. But prior to tright here was Balls Mahoney in ECW, there was Xanta Claus in WWF.

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Savio Vega was handing out presents with Santa Claus once Ted DiBiase showed up and declared Santa had sold out. Santa attacked Savio, turning heel and also becoming the evil Xanta Claus. Even if you never before witnessed Xanta Claus, you"d have to imagine that being Balls Mahoney was a much better usage of his time.

Dustin Rhodes has been component of some over the top gimmicks and matches throughout his career, and he"s always made them occupational. For the the majority of component. When he left WWF and went back to WCW in 1999, he left the Goldust gimmick behind. WCW began airing promos for Salso, another character in makeup that preserved looking at sleeping children through their windows. Quite appropriately, Turner Standards and also Practices pulled the plug on that one prior to they went as well far via it. As always, Dustin made the sudden end of the gimmick they had actually been structure job-related bereason he"s a expert. With the finish of WCW, he returned to WWE as Goldust and also ongoing his storied career all the means to AEW.

3 Max Moon

If pressed, incredibly few civilization can explain what Max Moon was. Created and also originally depicted by Konnan for WWF in the at an early stage 1990s, the crucial premise was that Max Moon was a cyborg from the future, or something favor that. The premise dropped apart because tbelow was reputedly a ton of heat in between Konnan and also Vince McMahon over the price of the Max Moon costume.

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Konnan quickly left WWF for a more effective career in Mexico. Another wrestler briefly played the character but it was conveniently abandoned. Thanktotally, Konnan dodged his own bullet.

WWE loves their imposters. Luke Gpermits initially WWE gimmick was playing Fake Kane, which is type of ironic considering that Kane when played Fake Diesel. He additionally worked under the name Luke Gallows as component of CM Punk"s Straight Edge Society and also ultimately went back as part of a effective tag team via Karl Anderkid. But WWE fans initially genuine suffer with him was as Festus, a mentally tested wrestler who kicked it into high equipment when the bell rang. It was a terrible, offensive gimmick, and thankfully Genables relocated on to a lot bigger and also much better things.

1 Oz

Oz, the excellent and also powerful. Well, not so much in this instance. Kevin Nash is just one of the biggest, many famous and also a lot of effective stars in the history of the business. He"s been a champion pretty a lot almost everywhere he"s functioned. But that was despite Nash when having actually among the worst gimmicks ever in a wrestling. Before his epic WWF run as Diesel, Nash went via some damaging gimmicks in WCW consisting of Oz. He was a character rather literally based upon The Wizard of Oz. He looked ridiculous. While Oz was pushed strongly initially, that dissipated easily. Luckily, Nash"s career survived and also he found his means to WWF and history.

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