Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith Headed For $270 Million Divorce, ‘Living Separate Lives’

Were Will and Jada Pinkett Smith headed towards a “$270 million divorce” last year? After Jada admitted to carrying on an affair with a younger man while she and Will were separated, a tabloid claimed the two had been “living separate lives” for years. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor.

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith’s Marriage On Brink Of Divorce?

Last summer, after Jada Pinkett Smith confirmed that she’d carried on a relationship with another man while separated from Will Smith, the Globe hinted that the two superstars’ marriage just might be coming to an end. Even after the two addressed the affair, as well as other troubles the pair’s marriage was experiencing at the time, the tabloid insisted that the situation was even more dire than anyone knew.

The tabloid noted an exchange between Will and Jada from the two’s infamous Red Table Talk episode, in which Will admitted that the couple “made mistakes without fear of losing their family.” That, the outlet continued, made some viewers convinced that Will had had “his own dalliances,” specifically whether or not he’d had an affair with his Focus costar Margot Robbie.

Will Smith Also Guilty Of Affairs?

The tabloid noted that leaked photo booth pictures of the stars gave the rumors life, though it also admitted that Robbie vehemently denied any inappropriate involvement with Will. Despite little other evidence of Will’s supposed extramarital affairs, the tabloid went on to insist that rumors have long claimed that Jada and Will had an open marriage. 

Supposed “insiders” said such an arrangement could leave the couple heading towards a “$270 million divorce,” if they weren’t already there. One source glumly confessed, “They’ve been living separate lives for years.” Gossip Cop has no reason to believe these allegations, since in the months after this story was released, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith have remained married. 

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Gossip Cop’s Seen This All Before

Gossip Cop also busted the Globe’s sister outlet, the National Enquirer, for its bogus claim that Will and Jada were headed for a “$270 million divorce” after news of Jada’s affair broke. The two confirmed at the time that they were committed to their marriage, and that commitment has yet to falter. 

As for the rumors of an affair between Margot Robbie and Will Smith, we’ve proven over and over again that the allegations were completely off base. The photos, which were taken nearly ten years ago at this point, have had no effect on Will and Jada’s marriage. The only ones still rehashing the incident are the tabloids. 

The Globe has produced so many faulty reports over the years concerning Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage that we have a hard time trusting anything it prints. In 2019, the tabloid insisted that the pair’s marriage was a “sham,” and cited several already debunked rumors to back up its claim. The outlet’s lack of imagination proved to be its downfall and Gossip Cop had no trouble debunking the allegations.

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