Wildest Tom Hanks Tabloid Rumors

Tom Hanks is in an elite club of public figures who are nearly universally well-liked. The Toy Story 2 star is charming, a tremendous actor and seemingly a down to earth fellow. Perhaps it’s that down-to-earth-ness that makes him the target of some truly bizarre tabloid rumors. Here’s a smattering of strange Hanks rumors Gossip Cop has busted.

Hanks Will Randomly Buy Your House In Cash

If the National Enquirer is to be believed, Hanks is liable to ring your doorbell and buy your house in cash. An alleged insider told the tabloid that Hanks did just that to procure a “graduation present” for his son Truman Theodore Hanks. As whimsical as this would be, the story is completely false. Gossip Cop noted that celebrity real estate sales are exceedingly well-documented and no such sale was found in any other publication.

Hanks’ Nose Is Fake

The National Enquirer just loves making up outlandindish Hanks stories. The magazine alleged that Hanks’ nose looked larger than normal at a public appearance because it was actually a prosthetic. The tabloid spoke to a doctor who has never treated Hanks who said the Greyhound star may be trying to cover-up “skin cancer” or “cosmetic surgery.” That escalated into poor taste territory real fast. Gossip Cop spoke to Hanks’ rep who laughed off this story and called it “totally false.” Noses and indeed all facial features can look different as people age.

Did He Endorse CBD?

Back in January, a phony advertisement made the round claiming that Hanks endorsed CBD. The ad paired a photo of the Apollo 13 star next to an endorsement that CBD left him “feeling like a new me.” This ad was so false that Hanks personally chimed in. He tweeted out “I’ve never said this and would never make such an endorsement.” Phony celebrity endorsements, especially digitally, are disappointingly commonplace.

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Lady Gaga Is Hanks’ New Best Friend

We’re sure loads of people would love to be friends with Hanks or Lady Gaga, but there’s little truth to the OK! story about the two being secret friends. The article alleged that Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were “lobbying hard” for Gaga to win an Academy Award for her role in A Star is Born. Despite Gaga and Hanks appearing on a single Saturday Night Live together, we busted this article becasue the two are not best friends. Gaga and Hanks’ actual close friend, Glenn Close, both lost that night to Olivia Colman for her role in The Favourite.

Tom Hanks Feuding With Meryl Streep?

Meryl Streep occupies the same rarefied air of universally respected actors. That’s what makes this story from the National Enquirer all the more unbelievable. The story claimed that Hanks was angry with Streep after his The Post co-star was nominated for an Academy Award and he was not. An anonymous source told the magazine that “Meryl proved her star power can totally overshadow his” and this upset him. Hanks has been nominated for six Academy Awards; Streep holds the record for most Academy Awards at a staggering twenty-one. Why would nomination number 21 upset him? Gossip Cop spoke to Hanks’ rep who told us “he couldn’t have been happier for Meryl.”

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