Wichita falls high school soccer

With a 9-0 victory versus Azle at Memorial Stadium, the Coyotes completed a perfect regular seaboy via a 21-0 record. It’s the initially time in the program’s solid background that has been accomplished. The 21 wins are a regime document, consisting of a 10-0 sweep through District 5-5A.

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The Coyotes tape-recorded shutouts in 16 of those wins. They have actually outscored their competition 71-6.

It’s a statistical resume that leads to one compelling question.

Is this the greatest WFHS boys soccer team ever?

“Result wise and also document wise – yes,” WFHS coach Patrick McCauley said. We’ve had actually some solid teams. We’ve had groups makes deep runs in the playoffs. But if you’re looking at the top quality of competition that we’ve faced and also to have actually an unblemimelted document – yes, this is the ideal team.

“Not to say we that we haven’t had actually good groups or good players in the past, yet I think this team has actually pumelted it to an additional level.”

Let’s study the competition.

The Old High boys soccer regimen was began in 1987. It qualified for the playoffs in its initially 4 seasons but didn’t win its initially playoff game until 1996.

The 2002 Coyotes were probably the initially to carry incredibly high expectations into the postseaboy, finishing 20-3-3 and proceeding 3 rounds deep before falling to deffinishing state champion Southlake Carroll, 1-0.

That team organized the record for wins until this year. However, the 2020 Coyotes likely would certainly have actually recollection that document if COVID-19 had not derailed the seaboy. The Coyotes were 19-2 with a game left in the constant season.

The “what if” of last seachild has actually been a motivating element for this year’s team.

“We certainly felt choose we could have actually made a run at winning it all last seakid,” WFHS senior captain Davis Mays said. “We really feel for the seniors that were on that team, and also we’re playing for them.”

The Coyotes’ deepest playoff run came in 2017 as soon as they played in the state semifinals, losing to Frisco Wakeland also, 6-0. That team is ideal remembered for its scrappiness, winning five playoff games by a solitary goal.

But McCauley doesn’t think about the 2017 Coyotes the program’s best.

“I honestly thought our 2016 team was better,” McCauley shelp. “It was a more talented team, however we shed in a playoff game 1-0 (to Grapevine) in the 3rd round. Once you acquire in the playoffs, you can try to manage what you have the right to control, yet you do require things to go ideal and to go in your favor.

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“Eincredibly team hregarding have that, but one off night, or you play a team that plays over what they’re generally qualified of, and also anypoint deserve to occur. It deserve to more than simply choose that.”

That’s the difficulty facing the Coyotes now. A perfect continuous seachild must be celebrated. But a lackluster playoff run would take the shine off it.

“I honestly don’t think we require a deep playoff run or state title to be thought about the best team in regime background,” Mays sassist. “I think we already are. But it would put a damper on it. That would certainly be extremely disappointing. I don’t also want to think about it.”

The Coyotes open up the playoffs March 25. Their enemy is still pending, although Lake Dallas is most most likely.

“Wipe the slate clean,” Mays said. “It’s win or go home.”

It’s that mentality that has actually McCauley believing this team isn’t likely to come to be complacent.

“At the start of the seakid, I told these males tbelow are 4 things that might ruin their seachild,” McCauley said. “It’s your habits. It’s grades. It’s COVID. And it’s complacency. If we can regulate the things that we can control, then we’re going to go really much, however if you just obtain on your heels and suppose your talent to win games, occasionally it’s gonna take place and also sometimes it’s not.

“The males have actually played close games. Both Rider games were close/ And they’ve been behind in some early matches. They males have actually viewed that another goal and a team is best earlier in the game. I assumed we’ve responded really well in each of those cases.”

There’s no suggesting via McCauley and Mays – this is currently the finest Coyote soccer team ever. A state-title run isn’t essential to validay this season’s success. And it’s hard to argue the Coyotes have ever before fielded an extra talented squad.

“It’s talent – talent throughout the board. It’s talent that goes 16 or 17 deep,” McCauley said. “There’s men on the bench that a lot of various other teams would be starting and playing the totality game. It’s talent from goalkeeper to forward.

“Our difficulty as coaches is finding what functions best for them, and trying to number out wbelow each one percreates best. When you got a really excellent team and you got everything together, let’s just make certain we don’t screw it up.”

And that’s the other part of this team. It has the right coach.

The Old High soccer program has flourimelted under McCauley’s watch. He’s repeatedly pushing this talented group to test its limits.

Against Azle, the Coyotes led 8-0 at halftime. McCauley put constraints on his players in the second half, forcing them to carry out somepoint various and challenge themselves rather than simply racking up purposes. They just scored when as an outcome, despite proceeding to dominate possession.

The desire to go a action additionally has actually translated from seakid to seakid. The 2016 Coyotes thought their playoff journey ended also shortly. The 2017 squad defied odds and progressed to the program’s initially state tournament.

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The 2020 team felt it had the exact same ability yet had its opportunity stolen from it. These Coyotes have had actually a state title on their mind from the begin of the seaboy.

“We obtained the chemisattempt and brotherhood that eextremely team demands,” Mays sassist. “We put it all in addition to ability to make every little thing take place. We believed we can do this from the start. It implies a lot to this team to recurrent our institution. We lug the pride to Old High, and also we want to lug the championship home.”

Now all the Coyotes need to perform to win state is maintain their perfect document. It seems the proper ending for such a dominant team. 

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