Why Does Gwyneth Paltrow Get So Much Hate?

Gwyneth Paltrow is a strangely polarizing person. Undoubtedly, the actress’ lifestyle brand, Goop, is partially to blame for Paltrow’s divisive status, but tabloid rumors also paint the Iron Man star as a generally difficult person to know. When Paltrow’s not supposedly feuding with her fellow celebrities, she’s engaging in other bizarre behavior, according to these unreliable outlets.

Paltrow’s Celebrity Feuds

Over the course of several years, multiple outlets have accused Gwyneth Paltrow of harboring feuds with various celebrities, most of them female. There’s apparently several reasons for these so-called “feuds,” ranging from business to personal and everywhere in between. It’s not that hard to get on Paltrow’s bad side, tabloids continue to argue.

In 2017, OK! claimed Jessica Alba and Paltrow were secretly feuding behind the scenes of their reality TV show, Planet Of The Apps. A supposed “source” told the outlet, “Jessica and Gwyneth are like oil and water,” adding, “It’s shocking they even agreed to do this together.” The two actresses would supposedly snipe at each other about their respective businesses. Paltrow, who was privately seething that Alba’s The Honest Company “was valued at a billion dollars” and would “take digs at the fact that the company was sued over some of its product ingredients.” In return, Alba would allegedly snap back that her company “connects with real women,” while Goop is only “catering to the wealthy.” Gossip Cop thought this story smelled a little phony, so we reached out to our source involved in production on Planet Of The Apps who reassured us the whole premise was nonsense. Alba and Paltrow got along just fine on set.


Gwyneth Paltrow has also supposedly feuded with famed actress Julia Roberts. The so-called “feud” was allegedly over the fact that the Pretty Woman actress attended a party hosted by Paltrow’s ex-husband, Chris Martin, and his new girlfriend, Dakota Johnson. Sources told RadarOnline, who first reported the story, that Paltrow was “fuming” because Roberts seemingly took her ex’s side in the divorce. Someone should have told this gossip site that of all the ex spouses in Hollywood, Martin and Paltrow seem to get along the best. It seemed unlikely to Gossip Cop that Paltrow would “fume” over something so petty, so we reached out to her rep for more information. We were told that the story was total nonsense, which justified our false rating.

It’s not alway the ladies that Paltrow ends up rubbing the wrong way. Early this year, the Globe insisted that Brad Pitt, who dated Paltrow for about three years in the 90’s, now absolutely hated her. “If they run into each other, he’s polite, but he certainly doesn’t go out of his way to see her,” an anonymous source told the tabloid. “He’s turned down her numerous requests to hang out, but Gwyneth won’t take a hint,” the source snidely added. Of course, like most of the other stories out of this particular gossip rag, this story was completely false. Gossip Cop spoke with Pitt’s rep, who dismissed the rumor as “totally false.” There are no hard feelings between exes, especially since it’s been almost 20 years since they split up.

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Goop Brand Above All Others

Paltrow has also somehow developed a reputation for feuding with anyone who also has, or is even thinking of starting, their own lifestyle brand. According to the tabloids, Paltrow isn’t happy unless Goop is the only celebrity lifestyle brand on the market. No matter who the competition is, Paltrow allegedly won’t abide any newcomers in “her” territory.


It was reported by RadarOnline in 2018 that Paltrow felt “threatened” by Matthew McConaughey’s wife, Camila Alves, launching her own lifestyle site. The celebrity gossipmonger site’s insider insisted Paltrow considered the rival brand “a horrible version” of her own company, Goop, and was “steaming mad over it.” This story made absolutely no sense since Paltrow had already been questioned during an interview with Time about other competing brands, namely Jessica Alba and Reese Witherspoon. “There is no competition,” Paltrow decidedly answered, adding that she found the idea of there being friction in the women-led industry to be a bit “misogynistic” in nature. “I want to do everything I can to support their businesses,” the actress insisted. Just to make sure we covered all our bases, Gossip Cop also reached out to Paltrow’s spokesperson, who informed us the story was “completely false.”

Paltrow Is Not Desperate For Acting Jobs

Of course, if Paltrow is feuding with all those celebrities, it would make sense that the actress would eventually find it hard to find work in Hollywood. A few tabloids have pushed the narrative that Paltrow is so hard up for work that she’s had to beg others, including her own husband, to get a job.

In April, the National Enquirer claimed Paltrow wanted to make a “comeback” movie with Tom Cruise. A source told the disreputable tabloid, “With Goop generating so much bad press, Gwyn’s looking to get back into her comfort zone and relaunch her acting career. And what better way to make a splashy comeback than to reunite with Tom Cruise?” There’s not really a need for Paltrow to “relaunch” her acting career, since it hasn’t really taken a pause to begin with. Paltrow just finished a very successful decade playing Pepper Potts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She also stars in Netflix’s The Politician. Clearly, the actress has no trouble finding roles.

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The “Consciously Uncoupled” Former Couple

There is also, of course, Gwyneth Paltrow’s first marriage, and subsequent divorce from Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. From the moment Martin and Paltrow announced their decision to “consciously uncouple” from one another, the tabloids have speculated about just how close the former spouses were. Once Martin began dating Dakota Johnson, those rumors became even more bizarre in nature.

When Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk were about to get married, there were a slew of rumors about what role Chris Martin would play in the nuptials. OK! Australia predicted that Martin would walk Paltrow down the aisle. Heat, meanwhile, expected the Coldplay frontman to be Paltrow’s best man. Both of these predictions, predictably, did not come true. At the time, Gossip Cop reached out to Paltrow’s rep about both stories and were summarily told the claims were total “bull.” Yes, the ex-spouses are fairly close, but Martin never had a role in his ex-wife’s wedding, though he did eventually join Falchuk and Paltrow on their honeymoon, along with the former couple’s children.

Gwyneth Paltrow Versus Dakota Johnson

The tabloids seem to believe that Paltrow and Dakota Johnson are eternally at war with one another over Chris Martin. Whether so-called “friends” of Johnson’s are advising her to dump Martin, or that Martin has to ask his ex’s permission to marry his new girlfriend, these rumors have all been found to be completely untrue. In truth, these rumors seem to continuously pop up because the tabloids honestly don’t know what to do when exes have a healthy, positive relationship. These sorts of outlets thrive on drama and negativity, so it makes sense that they’d struggle to understand the nature of Martin’s relationship with Paltrow.


There’s also the matter of Paltrow’s second marriage to Brad Falchuk. No matter what the couple does, tabloid speculation follows. The very nature of the couple’s marriage is constantly under attack, with Paltrow often being portrayed as the villain or worse, some kind of sex maniac.

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Right after Paltrow married Falchuk, the often discredited RadarOnline insisted that the actress was leaving their honeymoon early to work on Goop, which apparently didn’t sit well with her new husband. A source for the outlet speculated that Falchuk “would be [expletive] off if his wife took a break from their honeymoon to start promoting their business.” Gossip Cop doubted this report, so we reached out to Paltrow’s spokesperson, who informed us that the honeymoon was not cut short, nor was Paltrow “rushing” to return to work. The Goop event the outlet mentioned had been planned a year in advance and Falchuk was fully aware of it, we learned.

The untrustworthy NW was behind one of the strangest rumors Gossip Cop has ever encountered. The outlet claimed Paltrow propositioned her ex-husband Chris Martin and his girlfriend Dakota Johnson for foursomes with her and Falchuk. “Chris is pretty vanilla, which Gwyneth obviously knows, and he found her request really off-putting,” an anonymous source divulged. “Gwyn felt he should broaden his horizons, especially since he’s dating the star of Fifty Shades of Grey – which of course she and Brad have watched together, much to Chris’ discomfort.” Gossip Cop would never put stock into what this particular tabloid has to say, so we checked in once more with Paltrow’s spokesperson, who called the claims “beyond ridiculous.” The word of a spokesperson, who’s allowed to speak on their client’s behalf, carries a lot more weight than some unknown tipster.


The Most Bizarre Bogus Reports

Along with the speculation about Paltrow’s marriages, both her first and her last, there’s also been a bizarre trend of rumors springing up about the Contagion actress. It’s sometimes hard to fathom just where these rumors originated, but oftentimes Paltrow’s “kooky” reputation is to blame.

A lot of these tabloids seem to believe that Gwyneth Paltrow is eternally on the warpath when it comes to her lifestyle brand and a complete control freak in her personal life. These types of rumors tend to spring up in the tabloids, particularly when a woman is career-driven. It’s almost as if the writers for these outlets are stuck in a time loop where women who work seem like some sort of mythical creature when in reality, that’s exactly how most women live their lives. When these sorts of publications aren’t making up rumors about Paltrow’s business, they’re busy involving themselves in her personal life.

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