Whoopi Goldberg Facing ‘Health Crisis’

According to one outlet, The View host Whoopi Goldberg could be facing a health crisis that has crew members worried. The star’s appearance apparently has on-set sources fearful for the actress. Here’s what we know.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Worrying Health

Pointing to “disturbing photos” of Goldberg that the outlet says reveal “shocking signs of hair loss,” the National Enquirer says that the host’s “lost locks could signal [a] health crisis.” It’s concerning enough that even the crew at The View is worried. “Everybody on the set has noticed it,” a show insider explains. “They’re concerned it might be the sign of something more serious going on with her health!”

The outlet says that “apparent balding on the sides of Whoopi’s head and scalp — along with a complete absence of hair where her eyebrows should be” has a doctor it talked to concerned that it may be “the side effects of radiation or chemotherapy.” The doctor, who has never treated Goldberg, said that her “admitted history of drug abuse and smoking” could have “contributed to her health issues,” and “that may have resulted in organ damage that would require treatment that may cause her hair to fall out.”

The outlet says that the on-set sources are left “praying Whoopi’s hair loss isn’t another sign her body is betraying her,” owing to her health scare in 2019 and the immense stress of her job. “She is constantly being challenged and ridiculed — not only by reviewers, but her own castmastes,” another doctor that hasn’t treated the actress says. “That kind of stress will cause hair to fall out in clumps — and it doesn’t come back. She could lose it all.”

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What’s Going On

What’s most telling about this report is the fact that it attempts to use Whoopi Goldberg’s eyebrows — or lack thereof — as evidence that she may be ill. In reality, she started shaving them off years ago and has kept up the habit ever since. It’s a pretty well-known look since it’s kind of hard to miss. To attempt to pass it off as a sign of something bad, coupled with the attempts to use Goldberg’s openness about her health against her, means that it’s impossible to trust this piece of gossip.

While hosting The View undoubtedly comes with a fair amount of stress, she’s obviously more than capable of dealing with it. She’s been rumored to be quitting for the show over battles with her co-hosts for quite some time, so the comments about her struggling to deal with the stress seems meritless. In the time since this rumor about her health first emerged, she’s continued to host and looks perfectly fine with no signs of balding or illness since.

Gossip Cop has debunked another story critical of Goldberg’s health before from the Globe, which argued that the host feared that she was dying, so the Enquirer‘s piece of gossip doesn’t surprise us. As the host of one of the most popular shows and an iconic actress in her own right, Goldberg is a frequent target for rumors. Thankfully, she seems to be doing great regardless of the tabloids’ claims.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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