Who Is Tyler Herro’s Girlfriend? All About Instagram Model Katya Elise Henry

NBA rookie Tyler Herro is currently on fire on and off the basketball court. After a successful debut season with the Miami Heat, the 21-year-old is attracting the attention of some high-caliber hotties—and there’s one in particular who seems to have his loyalty. Here’s what we know about Tyler Herro’s girlfriend, Katya Elise Henry.

Who Is Tyler Herro?

Tyler Herro is a rising star and shooting guard for the Miami Heat. After being selected as a first-round (and 13th overall pick) at the 2019 NBA draft, he helped lead his team to the 2020 NBA Finals versus the Los Angeles Lakers. Herro proved himself a master at 3-point shooting. During the playoffs, he averaged 16 points per game, 4.8 rebounds, and 3.7 assists.

At 17, Herro was recruited by University of Kentucky coach John Calipari to play for the Wildcats. After only one season, the Southeastern Conference Rookie of the Year announced his intention to cut his college career short in pursuit of a spot in the NBA. On July 10, 2019, the Heat announced that they had signed Herro, who was just 19 years old at the time.

Tyler Herro Already Has Songs Named After Him

Herro quickly rose to fame during his first season—he’s even been immortalized in song. In October 2020, rapper Jack Harlow released the track “Tyler Herro” about the up-and-coming basketball star.

“Honestly, just both being white, we were just like, Yo wassup bro,’” Herro said on the Old Man and Three podcast. “I was a fan of him, and he was a fan of me, and we kind of just… we’ve been cool ever since.”

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Harlow, who shares a Kentucky connection with Herro, raps, “My homeboy Tyler, he play in South Beach / He told me this summer he gon’ fix my jumper / I told Boi-1da that we might got a thumper.”

Who Is Tyler Herro Dating?

Herro is currently linked to Instagram babe Katya Elise Henry. The 26-year-old fitness model eclipses her new man in terms of social media popularity, boasting 8 million followers compared to Herro’s 2.2 million.

She’s also no stranger to NBA players. In 2019, she dated Lakers power forward Kyle Kuzma. The two were rumored to have broken up on bad terms, with Henry blasting him on social media. When a Twitter user remarked that Henry couldn’t handle Kuzma, she simply replied, “other way around.”

But Henry’s past didn’t stop Herro from shooting his shot with her. Apparently feeling lonely during the pandemic, he made a move on her via Twitter.

The rest was history. Soon after, Henry was invited into the NBA bubble at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex inside Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. (Covid restrictions entitled each player to having four guests within the complex.) Henry awaited him in his hotel room after every game.

We’re sure it made for some particularly awkward moments between Herro and Kuzma on the court. Henry seemed happy to stir the pot, taunting Lakers fans on social media after Heat wins. (Meanwhile, Kuzma made sure to brag about his own new relationship with supermodel and former America’s Next Top Model contestant Winnie Harlow.)

Henry, the daughter of a personal trainer, runs a fitness website where she sells apparel and supplements. She uses Instagram to promote fitness regimens and various supplement brands.

Tyler Herro And Katya Elise Henry Are Expecting Their First Child

Herro and Henry definitely seem like they’re in it for the long haul. On June 6th, they both took to Instagram to announce that they’re expecting their first child together. Check out the beautiful black-and-white photos she shared with her followers:

The father-to-be shared one of the pictures to his Instagram with a caption that read, “Don’t need a wishlist, I’m already gifted.”

Since the Miami Heat’s NBA season has come to an end, Herro will have plenty of free time in the next few months to prepare for fatherhood. There’s no official word on a due date yet, but we’ll be keeping our eyes on their Instagram accounts for more baby news!

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