Who is the strongest man in the nfl

The weekend"s bench press workouts at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis was a display of raw toughness from people doing their best Incredible Hulk impressions in the time of the many crucial task intersee of their lives. From offensive and also defensive linemen, power is every little thing and also a few draft hopefuls turned heads in terms of brawn and physical.

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Ohio State protective tackle Davon Hamilton is one player whose stock has actually steadily increased in the pre-draft buildup and also that continued inside Lucas Oil Stadium this week. His 33 reps of 225 were the the majority of by a Buckeyes player because former facility Corey Linsley had actually 36 reps in 2014.

“You observed him at the Senior Bowl — what he was doing to some people,” previous Ohio State lineman and also fellow draft hopeful Jonah Jackchild told Cleveland also.com this week. "I was choose, "Hopefully not me ... I’m kidding." We actually obtained to rep versus each various other. He’s simply an additional ferocious competitor and he’s a good male and he’ll be a great fit for whatever before team picks him up.”

Hamilton was the strongest defender at the combine, but just uncovered himself inside the Top 5 of the many powerful as a whole.

Here"s a look at the 10 strongest players at this week"s incorporate, men who bench pressed 225 pounds at least 30 times:

T10. Khaleke Hudchild, LB, Michigan

(Photo: Icon Sportswire, Getty)Bench press reps: 30

The file: Josh Uche, Hudson"s teammate at Michigan, mutual an amazing story about his best frifinish on the team this week in Indianapolis, a testament to the form of leadership NFL teams like to view from Hudboy.

“So sophoeven more year, I wasn’t acquiring the majority of playing time, I was frustrated I was making the plays in exercise, and also that’s my roommate so we talk around it all the time," Uche told reporters. "Khaleke was starting, Khaleke was making a splash that year and also then he would come out these packages and let me go in. So he would certainly just take himself out and be favor ‘Josh go in’ and from tbelow I’d start making plays and from tbelow it just started rolling.”

(Photo: Christopher Hanewinckel, USA TODAY Sports)Bench push reps: 30

The file: According to the Oarray and also Brvery own Report, the Browns are intrigued by Cleveland also after his performance this week and could take him in the initially round.He ran the fastest shuttle time (4.46) and also third-fastest 40-yard dash at 4.93 to go together with 30 reps on the bench. A three-year starter at Boise State, he earned All-Mountain West Conference honors each of the previous 2 periods as the protector of the blind side for Broncos quarterbacks. Cleveland also is one of several offensive linemen that enhanced their stock this week and may have secured a spot late in the initially.

(Photo: 12thMan.com)Bench press reps: 31

The file: The only player to sack Heismale winner Joe Burrow twice in a game last seachild, Madubuike managed consecutive projects of at leastern 10 tackles for losses in College Station — tops on defense for the Aggies. Madubuike believes his height quality is his adaptability.

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“Coach (Mike) Elko, my defensive coordinator at A&M, put me almost everywhere on the protective line,” he sassist this week at the integrate. “I’ll begin dvery own however he’ll put me at defensive finish. Sometimes he put me at a nose. Sometimes he put me at a 2I, a 4I, a three. I just feel comfortable playing throughout the whole defensive front.”

(Photo: Mike Carter, USA TODAY Sports)Bench press reps: 32

The file: Just over one year rerelocated from a damaged leg, many kind of weren"t sure if Willekes would also be in this place appropriate currently. But he used to this. Willekes was an unranked recruit that walked on at Michigan State out of Grand Rapids (Mich.) Northpointe School. Now? He"s participating in drills at the NFL Combine as a top pass rusher prospect — and also among the strongest.

"The best positive, I felt I thrived a lot as a guy and also a leader," Willekes sassist previously this month. "I was able to mature a lot this seakid. I thought it was going be a lot simpler coming back from my ankle. Like I sassist, I think periodically I’m more invincible than I am. I came back a small early on for summer workouts. I wanted to be with my teammates, yet it was a tiny harder to come ago than I anticipated."

(Photo: Shandie Stewart, floorballcoach.org)Bench press reps: 32

The file: Davis was Nebraska"s team protective linemale of the year for the second directly seakid last autumn after collecting eight sacks and also 11 tackles for loss, per Huskers247. NFL reviews are a little skewed on Davis, who was a 3-4 defensive finish through the Huskers and also might prove his adaptability at the next level through a move inside.

(Photo: Icon Sportswire, Getty)Bench press reps: 33

The file: What Hankid sassist this week at the NFL Combine, per Duck Territory: "I felt that I’ve presented sufficient throughout the seaboy versus most quality opponents, a lot of really good defensive players, that I really couldn’t execute a totality lot for myself going to those games. So I believed it would be better to use my time training. I think at this level it just comes dvery own to minute details. Just things that kinda go overlooked once you’re training in a large college establishing. When you gain right into more one-on-one training establishing via a details o-line coach that you can small details."

(Photo: Getty)Bench press reps: 33

The file: A big inner defender at 6-3 6/8 and also 320 pounds, Hamilton"s arms measured 33 inches and also his wingexpectancy was 79-2/8 inches. He repped the 225-pound barbell 33 times — the most of any type of protective lineguy — to collection the tone for his combine performance, which coupled via his standout mirroring last month at the Senior Bowl, continued to lift his stock ahead of the draft. Hamilton took a backseat to Chase Young"s Heisman project at times this seakid and also righttotally so considering the potential No. 2 all at once pick"s numbers, however No. 53 carved out a vital role in Ohio State"s effective defense as well.

(Photo: Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY Sports)Bench press reps: 34

The file: At the Senior Bowl, Simpchild expressed confidence in his abilities and also showed off his finest asset when aget — his toughness — in Indianapolis. The Tigers routinely moved in his direction last seakid behind top rusher Travis Etienne, who relied on Simpboy to open up rushing lanes up front in a number of significant games against top quality competition.

"Tenacity. Finishing blocks and also simply obtaining my job done," Simpkid shelp of his toughness previously this year to Clemson247. "Being a big body. Moving civilization. I prefer to run the inside zone. I"m a gritty player."

(Photo: Mike Pegram, Peegs.com)Bench press reps: 37

The file: Stepaniak, that began 31 games throughout his career at Indiana, was disappointed this week that he was unable to get involved in any kind of workouts various other than the bench push and also individual interviews as a result of a knee injury. He suffered a torn ACL in a December Gator Bowl practice prepping for Tennescheck out which is supposed to sideline him through June.

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“My greatest point, given that I can’t do the on-area workouts, wregarding present them my stamina in bench obviously, and also just talking in interviews, and being able to show them that I belengthy in this league,"" Stepaniak sassist at the incorporate. "I recognize the game and I’m willing to learn it and just be a team male and also help my team.”

(Photo: Jackkid Moore, floorballcoach.org)Bench press reps: 44

The file: Muti"s combine-high full was five off the record of 49 reps, an exceptional note for among this draft"s top run blockers. One crazy story to come out of Indianapolis entailing Muti was his innate capability to down In-And-Out"s worst food option for health freaks — the 3,350-calorie "10x10" burger. The key menu item consists of 10 beef patties and also 10 slices of cheese on a regular-sized bun. Former Fresno State teammate Micah St. Andrew created on Twitter that he"s viewed Muti eat an entire McDouble cheeseburger at McDonald"s in a single bite. That"s exceptional. And unhealthy, but maybe not for a guy that is 315 pounds and also reduced.

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