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Cable news junkies may remember an incident in 2017 involving Fox News host Eric Bolling. The political pundit made an unexpected departure from the network after he had sent unsolicited sexts to multiple female colleagues. Enter Lisa Boothe, who joined the network as a contributor in 2016. She was tapped as one of Bolling’s replacements on the now-canceled program Fox News Specialists. However, her hot takes have sometimes been just as scandalous as Bolling’s alleged transgressions. Learn more about Boothe and why she’s the right fit for Fox News and its viewers.

Lisa Boothe Is A Fox News Contributor

Lisa Marie Boothe, 36, is a political commentator and Republican strategist who was born in West Virginia and educated at the University Of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Her father, Jeffrey Ferris Boothe, was a former staffer on the Senate Appropriations Committee and legislative assistant to former Senator Mark O. Hatfield.

Lisa Boothe followed in her dad’s footsteps. Upon earning her bachelor’s degree in political science, she dove right into politics. In 2010, she worked as an assistant press secretary for the National Republican Congressional Committee. She has also served as a spokeswoman for multiple congressional offices and campaigns. In recent years, she was president of High Noon Strategies, a communications firm that conducted polls for various Republican political campaigns.

Boothe joined Fox News in 2016, serving as a talking head for various programs on their lineup. But over five years, she has steadily gained more airtime on the network. For instance, she was tapped as a substitute host for Eric Bolling on Fox News Specialists before the show was canceled in 2017.

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Although she is active on social media, she doesn’t share much personal information about herself. Boothe posts the occasional picture with her family or friends, but without adding detailed info. There is no evidence that she is married to dating anyone. As far as the public knows, her one love is her fur child, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Bella.

Boothe primarily sticks to two topics, which are politics and selfies from the news studio:

She Also Co-Hosts ‘The Big Saturday Show’

Fox News viewers who enjoy Lisa Boothe’s views will be happy to learn that she may become a regular face on weekends. In early March, the cable news network announced changes to their weekend schedule. The Big Saturday Show and The Big Sunday Show were added to the lineup, replacing re-runs of Tucker Carlson Tonight and The Greg Gutfeld Show. The idea is to replicate Fox News’s popular weekday opinion show The Five.

According to Mediaite, both hour-long panel shows plan to include a rotating cast of personalities. Boothe was one of four co-hosts on the debut episode, espousing opinions alongside Lawrence Jones Sean Duffy, and Gillian Turner:

A source told the outlet that the shows are “temporary for the time being” and that they haven’t “been permanently included on the schedule.” However, given that Boothe boasts 423,000 followers on Twitter, we predict people will tune in and ultimately make the shows a regular fixture on weekends.

Lisa Boothe Has Been The Subject Of Many Controversies

One reason Boothe attracts attention is that she is so unsparing in her political analysis. She often rails against mainstream media, accusing them of publishing “blatantly made up” stories.

“Love it or hate it, President Trump’s feud with the media has exposed one thing: The mainstream media is not and has never been objective. He’s just willing to call them out for the partisans they have always been,” she wrote in a February 2017 column in The Washington Examiner.

“At least someone is finally standing up to their bias,” she added.

Some critics noted the irony of an opinionated commentator on a conservative network decrying partisanship. Boothe often endorses an us-against-them view of politics. “Politics is war,” she wrote in July 2017. “The objective is to win and take down the opponent.”

Sometimes, her attempt at righteousness backfires. In a July 2017 appearance on Fox News, she described Hillary Clinton as “the most soulless woman on this planet, who would literally sell her daughter to be president.”

The comment gained enough attention that Chelsea Clinton responded on Twitter: “No, she wouldn’t,” wrote the former first daughter. “I’ve never doubted & always known I was the most important part of her life. Now as a mom I’m even more grateful to my mom.”

But minor controversies aren’t enough to deter Lisa Boothe from remaining an outspoken voice for conservatives. Whether or not Fox News’s new weekend shows gain traction, you can expect her to play a part (big or small) in the future of her party.

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