What We Know About Madonna Being An Entitled Diva

Madonna is a global superstar, which means the tabloids can’t help but gleefully target her with rumors of diva-like behavior. Gossip Cop noticed a theme of entitlement while looking through our past busts about the legendary singer. Could we have gotten something wrong?

The National Enquirer reported that Madonna refused to fly in a new private jet because her “diva demands” hadn’t been met. According to the disreputable outlet and its sister site RadarOnline, which repeated the story online, Madonna traveled everywhere with her “vampire” chamber, which pumped -200 degree Fahrenheit liquid nitrogen mist over her body. On this fateful flight, however, a supposed source told the outlet that when Madonna “put it on the jet and wanted to use it during the flight,” the pilot told her no because “it would suck all the plane’s power.”

Gossip Cop had a lot of questions when it came to this story. If Madonna supposedly always flew with her cryogenic chamber, why was it suddenly an issue this time? Where was she flying to or from? If the alleged “insider” knew so much about this situation, why do basic questions go unanswered? We decided to check in with a source close to Madonna for answers and were told this story was 100 percent “false.”

Back when Amy Schumer got married, the National Enquirer reported that Madonna had “snubbed” Schumer’s wedding invite. In fact, a supposed source told the outlet, Madonna never even bothered to RSVP. “Madonna totally snubbed Amy,” the tattler insisted. “Madonna was invited and just never responded. Though the wedding was very last minute, she could have at least sent a gift or her best regards, but she didn’t.”

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Gossip Cop looked into the story and determined it was untrue. We reached out to an individual close to Schumer, who couldn’t speak on the record, but they assured us that the magazine’s allegations were false. We also checked in with a Madonna insider, who similarly couldn’t speak on record, but informed us that the article was incorrect.

Then came a report that Madonna was “livid” over Lady Gaga’s A Star Is Born Oscar buzz from RadarOnline. Madonna supposedly wasn’t too pleased that Gaga was receiving so much praise for her role in the hit film “because she’s the one who always wanted to be a movie star,” a suspicious tipster told the gossip site. If Gaga actually won an Academy Award, “Madonna will cancel her Oscar party” and “go straight to bed with tears,” tattled the supposed source.

Gossip Cop didn’t break a sweat debunking this flop of a story. First of all, Madonna has appeared in several movies, and she won the Best Actress Golden Globe for her performance in Evita. Madonna is a movie star. We didn’t just rely on a hunch, however. We reached out to a source close to Madonna, who told us the site’s claims were “false.”

Finally, there was a report from In Touch claiming Madonna was replaced by Alicia Vikander on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar because the singer made too many demands. At the last moment, a so-called source told the outlet, Madonna said she “wasn’t happy with any of the choices they had agreed upon.” The seemingly phony source continued, “She wanted everything changed at a great cost to Harper’s. Nothing made her happy. So, they went with Alicia.”

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Nothing could be further from the truth. Gossip Cop reached out to a trusted individual from Madonna’s camp, who informed us that Madonna had “passed on the cover and did British Vogue instead.” Our source further noted that “there were no demands” since the singer “never got that far” in the talks with Harper’s Bazaar. Once again, a tabloid simply made up a story in order to entice readers.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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