What We Know About Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter

Like father like daughter? While the world awaits Floyd Mayweather’s latest cash grab—a boxing match against YouTuber Logan Paul—let’s not forget that the accomplished prizefighter has a laundry list of scandals attached to his name. Yaya Mayweather takes after her dad’s taste for trouble: when she’s not flexing on Instagram, she’s shamelessly messy to the point that she was once charged with aggravated assault. Get the details on Floyd Mayweather’s daughter and the drama that follows her everywhere she goes.

Yaya Mayweather Is Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter

Yaya Mayweather was born Iyanna Mayweather on May 20, 2000. She is the child of boxer Floyd Mayweather and his on-and-off girlfriend, Melissa Brim.

Mayweather, 20, is the second of five siblings. Her family includes half-brothers Kouran and Zion, little sis Jirah, and adopted brother Devion Cromwell.

As the boxer’s first daughter, Mayweather was lavished with gifts as a child. Take her sweet 16 in Las Vegas: Daily Mail reported that her dad spent seven figures on the bash, which included performances by Drake and Future, as well as a brand new Mercedes G Wagon.

He also had Justin Bieber send a pre-recorded message to wish her a wonderful day.

“Treat yourself well on your sixteenth birthday,” Bieber told her. “Don’t be crazy. I know how I was at 16.”

Sage advice, but she doesn’t seem to have followed it.

She’s An Aspiring Rapper

Rather than follow her dad’s career in the ring, Mayweather wants respect in the rap game. In October 2018, she released the music video for “Oh Okay” under the name Money Yaya.

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Despite attracting over 2 million views, the reception was cold. “When daddy’s money make u think you did sum w your life ???????????????” read one comment. “I am embarrassed for her…. girl pack it up,” chimed in another. “This is why people hate rich kids. No discipline. Huge ego. Weak asf,” said a third commenter.

Did the haters deter her? Mayweather has since teased new music on social media, but she’s never gotten around to actually releasing anything.

She’s Had A Rocky Relationship With NBA Youngboy

Mayweather reportedly began dating rapper NBA YoungBoy at the end of 2018. Since then, their relationship has been volatile, to put it mildly.

In March 2019, a livid YoungBoy posted a video of his car with its tires slashed. Although he didn’t call anyone out by name, he raged about a person with “inherited” money before throwing a stack of cash at the car.

Fans did the math and went for Mayweather, but she denied any involvement. “STOP DMING ME,” she wrote on Instagram. “HE’S NOT TALKING ABOUT ME.”

YoungBoy also released a diss track titled “Dirty Iyanna” in December of that year. “Might have to cancel my cards / Don’t come out after dark / I see she won’t leave me ‘lone / She sliced the tires on my car,” he sings.

But in an unexpected twist, Mayweather was filmed smiling, laughing, and singing along to the song with her mother. The couple even exchanged comments about it on social media, with YoungBoy writing, “I’m laughing so hard I love you.”

Fans took things as a sign that the couple was back on—something Mayweather confirmed rather aggressively. In February 2020, The Shade Room posted exclusive footage of her fighting with one of YoungBoy’s side pieces at a Dallas hotel.

Two months later, she was arrested for stabbing a young woman who was keeping YoungBoy company at his Houston home (more on that in a bit).

The dysfunctional cycle continued for the next year. But in March, YoungBoy was arrested on federal felony charges after a wild pursuit in Los Angeles. He is currently sitting in jail awaiting trial, and rumor has it he’s used his time behind bars to rekindle a romance with former girlfriend, Jazlyn Mychelle.

Curiously, Mayweather remains committed to YoungBoy. Last week on Instagram stories, she posted a pic of customized Crocs bearing YoungBoy’s face.

Yaya Mayweather And NBA Youngboy Have A Son Together

Perhaps Mayweather’s loyalty has to do with the fact that she’s the mother of YoungBoy’s child. In January 2021, she welcomed her first son, Kentrell Jr., into the world.

There’s just one detail that makes the parenting situation complicated: YoungBoy currently has seven children with six different women. And Jazlyn Mychelle is reportedly due to join the circus by bringing his eighth kid into the world any day now.

For now, Mayweather is focused on single motherhood and tuning out the haters. In February, she received backlash for bringing Kentrell Jr., or KJ, to a maskless party aboard a private yacht.

“How’s Mom life? It’s amazing so good I love being a mother,” she told a fan via Instagram Live shortly after the gathering. “I’m honestly the happiest I’ve ever been like ever, it’s just amazing.” 

Yaya Mayweather Is Facing Jail Time

While YoungBoy awaits his fate from a jail cell, Mayweather is facing legal troubles of her own. On April 4, 2020, months after the Dallas hotel attack, she was charged with felony aggravated assault for stabbing one of YoungBoy’s exes.

The knife attack took place at YoungBoy’s home in Houston, where Mayweather caught him in the company of LaPattra Jacobs, a mother to one of his kids.

But don’t believe headlines that say Mayweather is facing life in prison. A criminal defense attorney speculated to Hollywood Life that a potential prison term would be much shorter.

“What seems more reasonable is that she will likely be exposed to somewhere between 2, 3 or 4 years,” said Sharon H. Ghatan, Esq. “After all, no one has been killed, the victim is in stable condition and is very probably going to make a complete recovery. Thus, it seems likely Iyanna will be facing some state prison, potentially county jail, or in the best scenario; get off on probation only, assuming there’s no past criminal history.”

Mayweather was released shortly after the incident on $30,000 bail. She was also ordered to stay at least 1,000 feet away from LaPattra. However, word on a court date is unavailable. Stay tuned for updates.

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