What Happened To Tom Cruise Dating Michelle Dockery?

Last year, a tabloid reported that Tom Cruise pursued a romance with Michelle Dockery. Gossip Cop investigated the questionable report when it came out. Now that some time has passed, we’re revisiting the tale and what we learned.

Tom Cruise’s Supposed Romance With Michelle Dockery

Around this time last year, Tom Cruise and Michelle Dockery sat next to each other at the British Fashion Awards. From the photos taken at the event, the two entertainers engaged in a friendly chat while enjoying the runaway show. According to Woman’s Day, the encounter meant that Cruise and Dockery found love and had a “flirty night” out together. Gossip Cop, however, didn’t believe the account, leading us to investigate the report further.

An insider claimed that Cruise was thrilled to sit next to Dockery and didn’t waste time getting to know the actress. The source said, “Tom is a charming man at the best of times, but he really laid it on thick with Michelle. He was bowled over by her as soon as he saw her approaching the table. He barely looked at anyone else all night.”

Tom Wanted To Steal Michelle From Her Boyfriend?

The tabloid did note that Dockery was, and still is, dating Jasper Waller-Bridge, but the source disclosed that Cruise “wasn’t concerned” about the Downton Abbey star being taken. “He found out later and was disappointed, but that wouldn’t stop Tom. He planned on pursuing her anyway. He’s trying to arrange a coffee meeting with her ASAP,” the informant added.

Here’s The Truth Behind The Story

Honestly, if the tabloids put as much effort into finding the truth as it does into creating lies, maybe their narratives would be more reliable. Nonetheless, Gossip Cop busted the phony story. The account was created simply because Tom Cruise and Michelle Dockery sat next to each other. A source close to the situation told Gossip Cop that the story wasn’t true. The Mission Impossible star never tried to steal Dockery away from Waller-Bridge.

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Additionally, the magazine hasn’t been reliable when it comes to reporting on Tom Cruise. Last August, the publication alleged that Katie Holmes begged Cruise’s other ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, to save Suri from Tom and Scientology. Gossip Cop debunked the phony account that the two former wives of the actor were plotting against him.

In 2019, the same publication asserted that Cruise and Jennifer Aniston were upset over Katie Holmes and Justin Theroux dating. However, Gossip Cop clarified that Theroux and Holmes weren’t romantically involved with each other, meaning the story about Cruise and Aniston being hurt over the situation was fabricated.

Clearly, the tabloid doesn’t have any insight into Tom Cruise or his personal life.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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