What Happened To Ryan Seacrest Marrying Shana Taylor After Going To Therapy?

365 days ago, we reported that a tabloid was claiming Ryan Seacrest was “ready” to marry Shana Taylor after attending therapy. Gossip Cop clarified the phony story at the time. Seacrest and Taylor are no longer together, which means the story was never remotely correct.

Ryan Seacrest’s Therapy Session

Last summer, the National Enquirer claimed Ryan Seacrest was ready to walk down the aisle after therapy “cured his cold feet.” The paper alleged that the actor had a fear of marriage and sought treatment to win Shana Taylor back. A supposed source was quoted saying Seacrest was going to therapy to understand “what makes him tick.”

At the time, Seacrest and Taylor were dating but about a month ago, the two split for the third time after eight years together. At the time, Gossip Cop didn’t find any evidence that Seacrest had asked Taylor to marry him. There were also no announcements of the two getting married from more reputable sites. We dismissed the phony report when it came out. And since the story is a year old it clearly wasn’t true.

The Tabloid’s Have Been Wrong About Ryan Seacrest Before

Additionally, the tabloids have made several incorrect claims about Taylor and Seacrest’s relationship before and after. Recently, the magazine, OK!, which is an affiliate of the Enquirer’s, reported Ryan Seacrest proposed to Shana Taylor. The outlet’s narrative purported Seacrest was finally ready to take the plunge and asked Taylor for her hand in marriage. Gossip Cop however reached out to a source to Seacrest dismissed the story as rubbish.

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The same tabloid also alleged Ryan Seacrest was back together with Julianne Hough. The outlet maintained Seacrest reunited with Hough following the end of his relationship with Taylor and Hough’s separation from her husband, Brooks Laich. The magazine further claimed the two jetted off to a romantic getaway. Gossip Cop busted the story a source close to the situation who assured us the story wasn’t true.

The National Enquirer has also published untrue stories about Ryan Seacrest’s professional life. Three months ago, the often inaccurate paper stated Seacrest was leaving Live! with Kelly and Ryan and was ready to leave Kelly Ripa “in the dust.” “Ryan simply wants to remain in Los Angeles permanently, and Kelly can’t give up her New York roots. It’s perfectly amicable. They just want different things,” a supposed source told the outlet. Gossip Cop spoke to a source for Seacrest who confirmed the story was “silly” and “wrong.” It’s evident, the tabloids have no real insight into Ryan Seacrest’s life.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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