What Happened To Katie Holmes Dating Josh Lucas?

Katie Holmes was linked to actor Josh Lucas last year after a rumor started that the two were an item. Gossip Cop investigated the report when it came out. Let’s take a look back at this story and what we discovered.

Katie Holmes Begun A Romance With Josh Lucas?

Towards the end of the summer in 2019, NW, reported that Katie Holmes had begun a revenge romance with Josh Lucas. The “revenge” was against her former boyfriend, Jamie Foxx, who she split from not too long before this story was published. Even though the outlet dubbed the relationship as a move against Foxx, an insider spilled that Holmes “thought the world” of Lucas. “Katie was very comfortable with him, which is important as there was a lot of drama with Jamie,” the magazine’s insider stated.

A Wedding And A Baby For Josh And Katie?

Lucas and Holmes co-starred in the film, The Secret: Dare To Dream, together, which the publication attested was the origin of where the romance began. “They stayed in touch after the movie wrapped,” the source stated adding, “things had moved to the next level.” The magazine’s tipster further suggested that wedding bells were possibly in the future for the two, continuing, “Josh has come along at the perfect time for Katie.” The tipster stated Holmes was “thinking seriously about getting married again and having another baby” at the time.

Alas, This Was Another Phony Love Tale From The Tabloids

However, Gossip Cop had to bust this fairy-tale. Yes, Josh Lucas is a dreamboat, but he and Holmes were nothing more than just former costars. We spoke to a more reliable source, a spokesperson for Holmes, who told us on record the story wasn’t true. Moreover, a year has gone by since the story came out and it was recently reported by the Daily Mail that Holmes is dating to chef Emilio Vitolo Jr. We think it’s safe to say that the article is still bogus to this day.

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It should be noted that NW has fabricated various incorrect narratives about Holmes before and recently. Take for instance last year, when the unreliable outlet claimed Holmes was pregnant with Jamie Foxx’s child. The publication also asserted the two were secretly wed and had tied the knot in Paris. Yet, Gossip Cop pointed out that’s a little hard to believe since they were broken up. Holmes was also never pregnant.

Earlier this year, the same tabloid asserted Holmes was having a baby with Justin Theroux. Now, we know love can happen with anyone, at any time. Still, this story was a bit of a reach. Particularly since the tabloid had just alleged Holmes was married to Foxx. Gossip Cop had corrected the phony narrative but in reality, it’s high time these tabloids get the fact straight before releasing these misleading articles.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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