What Happened To Ellen Pompeo Quitting ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Over ‘Health Issues’?

For about 16 years, Grey’s Anatomy has kept audiences racing to catch the next episode. The long-running medical drama series is no doubt a must-watch for most people, and we can all agree that Ellen Pompeo, who plays the titular Meredith Grey, is the face of the ABC drama. Two years ago, one tabloid claimed that Pompeo was quitting the series because of health issues. Since the show’s 17th season will return from hiatus soon, Gossip Cop is taking a look back at the story.

Ellen Pompeo’s Health Challenges

In 2019, the Globe reported that Ellen Pompeo had no intentions of renewing her contract for Grey’s Anatomy because of her debilitating “breath-robbing condition” that made it hard for her to work. An insider told the tabloid that Pompeo’s condition “got worse” and “she was exhausted all the time… She can’t remember a day when she didn’t feel out of breath or sapped of all energy. She’s constantly reaching for her inhaler.”

The insider revealed that Pompeo’s “coughing attacks started happening more frequently, and they can be so severe, sometimes they cause long breaks in shooting.” The source added, “Working on a show five, sometimes six days a week is just too much and she knows she can’t do it anymore.”

Here’s What We Learned About The Story

Gossip Cop broke down the rumor and found the following. Ellen Pompeo does have asthma, which is something she’s spoken about candidly. That is the only truth to the story. Pompeo didn’t quit the show. Two months ago, Grey’s Anatomy debuted its 17th season, which makes it the longest-running medical drama on television. Pompeo returned to the series and is one of few cast members to be on the since the first season. During a recent interview with Variety, when asked if she thought this would be the last season for Grey’s Anatomy, Pompeo stated:

I mean, this is the last year of my contract right now. I don’t know that this is the last year? But it could very well could be.

The Tabloids Have Made Incorrect Health Reports Before

Additionally, at the time, Gossip Cop ran the report by a rep for Pompeo who laughed off the story. Also, this wasn’t the first time the Globe has alleged a celebrity was in poor health. Almost six months ago, the paper argued that Whoopi Goldberg was fighting to stay alive. In 2019, the same paper asserted that Johnny Depp’s friends feared he’d be dead by Christmas. And let’s not forget the numerous times the tabloid claimed that Ryan Seacrest was battling some incurable illness. Gossip Cop busted these insensitive stories and will continue to clarify the truth for our readers.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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