What Happened To Brad Pitt Marrying Jennifer Aniston In Mexico?

Last year, a tabloid reported that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt wed in Mexico. Gossip Cop would be remiss if we didn’t revisit this absurd rumor. Here’s a look back at the story and what’s occurred since the account came out.

Brad Pitt Surprised Jennifer Aniston With A Wedding?

Twelve months ago, NW took the ongoing Aniston-Pitt reunion to another level when it alleged that the former pair secretly married in Mexico over the New Year holiday. The tabloid claimed only a handful of the former spouses’ closest friends and family were in attendance. We’d like to note that if, and we do mean if, this ever happened, every outlet in the world would’ve covered the news. Still, an insider told the magazine that Pitt and Aniston “worked through all their past issues together and what they have now is unbelievably special.”

The source revealed that Pitt discreetly planned the nuptials while Aniston vacationed with friends in Tulum. “Her friends were all in on the fact that he’d plotted a ceremony — he’d even sought her best friend Courteney Cox’s approval,” the informant added. The unnamed tipster further said, “A year ago, Court would have said, ‘Hell no!’ but after seeing him prove himself, she helped him pull it all together.”

Brad’s Promise To Jennifer

The anonymous informant then disclosed details from the alleged ceremony, claiming that 22 tiki torches were set up on the sand to make an aisle — one for each year the exes have known each other. According to the source, the actor waited at the end of the aisle for his former wife. When Aniston realized what was happening, she burst into tears.

Brad vowed to never leave her side again and presented her with the most incredible ring. After Jen said I do, they danced under the moonlight to U2’s ‘Sweetest Thing.’

There’s Nothing Sweet About A Lie

As romantic as the tale sounded, none of it was true. Last January, Jennifer Aniston spent her time relaxing on a beach in Tulum while Brad Pitt was on the opposite side of the country in Puerto Vallarta. Unfortunately, the tabloid took the fact that the both members of former couple were in Mexico at the same time and created this bogus account, which often happens. Since the story came out, Pitt briefly dated Nicole Poturalski, while Aniston has been single and focused on her career.

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Also, the former pair divorced nearly two decades ago, and though they are on friendly terms, reps for Aniston and Pitt have repeatedly shut down any reconciliation between the two.

Pitt And Aniston Are Tabloid Favorites

Additionally, NW has tried to swindle its readers with tantalizing stories about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston before. Months after the “wedding” report came out, the same tabloid alleged that Brad Pitt had a secret love child. In 2019, the outlet asserted that Pitt and Aniston were engaged. Gossip Cop debunked these ridiculous stories when they came out.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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