What Happened To Ashton Kutcher ‘Getting Revenge’ On Demi Moore With Tell-All Interview?

Last year, a tabloid claimed that Ashton Kutcher was being pushed by Mila Kunis to seek revenge against his ex-wife, Demi Moore. The outlet’s story was investigated by Gossip Cop when it first came out. Since some time has passed, let’s take a look back at this story and what we learned.

Ashton Kutcher’s Retaliation Against Demi Moore

Around this time last year, following the release of Moore’s memoir, Inside Out, Heat alleged that Kutcher was being encouraged by Kunis to fight back against the Striptease actress. Moore, who was married to Kutcher from 2005 to 2012, revealed shocking details about her marriage to the That ’70s Show actor where she stated he was unfaithful to her and the two engaged in a threesome.

The tabloid disclosed that Kucher decided the only way to handle the appalling allegations Moore made was to “fight back” and make sure he had his say. An insider further divulged to the publication that doing so “meant sitting down with one of the major networks and refuting many of Demi’s allegations, while telling a few truths of his own.” The source added that Kutcher claimed Moore “was miserable to live with for much of their marriage, and his fans and family deserved to know the truth.”

And where did Kunis fit into all of this? The magazine claimed that the Black Swan actress supported her husband’s vindictive vendetta because she was “fed up” too. The Heat’s source blabbed that Kunis wanted to “bring Demi down a peg or two for trying to destroy her family.”

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The Real Truth Behind Demi Moore’s Memoir

For those who haven’t read Demi Moore’s book, here’s a brief rundown of what the star spoke about. The Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle actress did reveal that Ashton Kutcher cheated on her and the two partook in a threesome, but Moore didn’t spend the entire book speaking about Kutcher. The memoir focused on the actress’ personal struggles she endured as a child and also touched on her relationship with Bruce Willis and their three daughters.

As for Kutcher, last year, People reported that Kutcher and Mila Kunis were “aware” of what Moore spoke about and that her remarks didn’t have any impact on Kutcher and Kunis’ relationship. As Kunis told Dax Shepard on his podcast, she and Kutcher were completely honest with each other before getting married. “So we knew 100 percent each other’s faults, we knew exactly who we were, we knew exactly who we used to be and we were like, I accept you for who you are,” she said. Additionally, a year has passed and Kutcher hasn’t spoken out against his former nor has he sought “revenge” against her.

Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Rumors Are Common

The tabloid isn’t the most trustworthy source to look to in regards to Kutcher and Kunis. A few months ago, we busted Heat for alleging that Kunis and Kutcher were moving to Santa Barbara following marital problems. The publication asserted the spouses were looking for a “fresh start” after experiencing issues in their relationship. Gossip Cop busted the story when it came out after finding out the two weren’t having any problems at all.

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