‘Walks Out’ On Blake Shelton

One of the top rumors this year about Gwen Stefani claimed she’d “walked out” on Blake Shelton. Gossip Cop has the full scoop.

Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Fought Before Proposal?

In Touch published a report earlier this year claiming Gwen Stefani had stormed out on Blake Shelton after the country music singer supposedly revealed he wasn’t going to propose. “Blake and Gwen have been having some issues,” an insider told the outlet, “the main one being that she still doesn’t have a ring on her finger.” Shelton, who has been twice divorced, had seemingly been unaware of Stefani’s desire to get married, despite the “Sweet Escape” singer’s not-so-subtle hints, the insider explained.

They’ve been together for a long time, and she expected to have a ring on her finger by now. She’s dropped subtle hints, like picking up bridal magazines in front of him, but nothing ever changed.

After five years of dating, Stefani “really thought Blake was finally going to propose on her birthday,” the source continued. When he didn’t, “things got heated.” The two had a “huge” fight and when Stefani asked why Shelton hadn’t proposed yet, the country music superstar confessed he hadn’t planned to marry her at all. He’d already been married, and divorced, twice before, and was supposedly hesitant about marrying for a third time. Stefani allegedly didn’t care about his reasons.

She was hurt, and stomped out of the house and checked into a hotel that night.

Shelton Realized He’d “Taken Her For Granted” – Sources

At first, the dubious tipster reported, Shelton “expected Gwen to come running back after their fight, and when she didn’t, the tables turned.” All of a sudden, Shelton had a change of heart, the source continued. “He missed her like crazy, and it hit home that he’d taken her for granted. He realized he’d made the biggest mistake of his life letting her go like that.”

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Shelton supposedly called Stefani over and over again to beg to be forgiven and given a second chance. She “didn’t make it easy for him,” but after Shelton “promised to make it up to her,” Stefani gave in. “Who knows, he may even end up popping the question after all.” As we all know, Shelton did end up proposing to Stefani and the stars shared the happy news on October 27. Was it because Stefani had “stomped out” on Shelton?

Gossip Cop’s Take

Absolutely not, Gossip Cop determined. This same tabloid pushed this exact narrative a year, almost to the date, before. In Touch insisted that Stefani was prepared to walk away from the relationship unless Shelton proposed. Since she stayed with him in the year between the alleged ultimatum and the eventual proposal, we figured our ruling was the correct one. That wasn’t the only faulty report about Stefani that the tabloid pushed. It published an article last summer claiming The Voice judge was pregnant with a baby girl. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor at the time and determined it was false, and time has only proven us right.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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