Viral TikTok Recalls The Time The Cast And Crew Of ‘Titanic’ Got Spiked With PCP

Some stories are stranger than fiction and this insane tale about the cast of Titanic is definitely one of them. TikToker Micheal McBride, who goes by @idea.soup on the app, went viral when he reminded the world of the time the entire cast of James Cameron’s Titanic, including the famous director, were dosed with PCP-spiked chowder and went on a hallucinogenic bender. Yes, you read that correctly!

Really Can’t Make This Stuff Up

You just know it’s going to be a good time when the first words out of a Tiktoker’s mouth is “Why don’t more people know that the entire crew of Titanic was dosed with PCP and James Cameron was stabbed in the face?”

And yes, that last part is absolutely true!

On Sunday, McBride let his 812,6000 followers in on one of the strangest stories in movie history. In the video, the poster retells the fateful events of August 8, 1996, during the last day of filming in Nova Scotia for the Titanic crew.

At midnight, caterers brought out chowder for all 60 of the crew including Leonardo Dicaprio, Bill Paxton, Suzy Ami, and director James Cameron. According to firsthand accounts, it would be t-minus one minute until things took an unexpected turn for the worst.

Within moments all 60 of the crew were all tripping on PCP. PCP, otherwise known as angel dust is a hallucinogenic drug that causes distorted visions, sounds, and behavior. But unfortunately, poor Cameron didn’t know this and chalked up his growing anxiety and dizziness to food poisoning. 

McBride says that’s when Cameron decided to take his poor crew to the hospital but things only devolved from there.

“People are absolutely losing it!” says McBride. “They’re riding wheelchairs down the hallways, doing a conga line. A crew member stabs James Cameron in the face with a pen and James Cameron just sits there laughing and bleeding!”

The Aftermath

Fortunately, no other major injuries were reported from the freak incident. But even freakier is that the culprit behind the chowder incident was never found, though McBride revealed a theory that a disgruntled production member may have been behind the scheme.

For those who are still skeptical or rightfully don’t believe everything they see on the Internet, there are published first-hand accounts from cast and crew members.

“One minute I felt okay, the next minute I felt so goddamn anxious I wanted to breathe in a paper bag. Cameron was feeling the same way,” Paxon said to Entertainment Weekly in a 1996 interview. Cameron recalled getting stabbed in the face by a crewmember and vividly remembers the scene at the hospital.

“People are moaning and crying, wailing, collapsed on tables and gurneys. The D.P., Caleb Deschanel, is leading a number of crew down the hall in a highly vocal conga line. You can’t make this stuff up,” he said.

Though McBride wasn’t the first to report on this crazy bit of movie trivia, he’s certainly reminded the world of a legendarily underrated story. But despite the drug-laced hiccup, as we all know, Titanic would sail to break box office records, cement Cameron as a world-class director, as well as launch the acting careers of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet into the stratosphere.

It’s still funny how even decades after the ship’s tragic sinking in 1912, the Titanic curse remained as alive as ever in 1996.

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