Victoria Beckham Thinks Son Brooklyn Is A ‘Lost Soul’?

Does Victoria Beckham worry that her son Brooklyn is a lost soul? Gossip Cop is taking a close look at the rumor. Here’s what we know.

Brooklyn Beckham Is A Lost Cause?

“Posh Fears For ‘Lost Soul’ Brooklyn” reads the dramatic headline from Heat’s recent article. The outlet says that the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham, who is engaged to Nicola Peltz, has been met with some criticism because of his recent posts on social media. Most recently, the model revealed a huge back tattoo in honor of his fiancee, which has caused some controversy, particularly for Piers Morgan, who mocked Beckham’s art as “a load of guff.” The magazine says that while Beckham’s parents are “openly supportive” of anything their son posts, they’re now fearing that he’s focusing too much on Peltz and not himself.

“Victoria has put so much into Brooklyn’s career and his brand trying to help him and giving him access to experts, her people are constantly trying to find opportunities and uncover his potential,” a source says. “But now he’s wrapped up in Nicola, and the two are of them flitting around the place as if being beautiful was a job. Vic’s biggest fear is that Nicola will get bored of him because of a lack of life purpose and plans. She’s all he has right now. He’s become the extension of Nicola, and both Vic and David worry that this could end and he could become a bit of a lost soul.”

Victoria And David Beckham Are Worried?

The informant claims that the former Spice Girl and the soccer star are having conversations with their oldest son to gently coax him to become more independent. “But Brooklyn is completely in love and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. He doesn’t need his own friends if he got Nicola,” adds the insider. The publication further divulges that David and Victoria Beckham were “secretly” relieved when Brooklyn Beckham, who is also a photographer, gave up pursuing soccer but would like to see him get involved with his father’s new team, Inter Miami CF. Yet, according to the insider, the longtime couple is also anxious to see what will happen if things don’t work out with Peltz.

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However, the outlet says that Brooklyn isn’t as concerned as his parents are. “Meeting Nicola is the best thing that has ever happened to Brooklyn, and he wants everyone to know how much he loves her. He doesn’t care if people mock him for his gushing posts or tattoos. He looks up to his dad so much and wants to be just like him and do everything when he’s young like him. But it doesn’t always work like that,” the unnamed tipster states.

The source adds that Beckham makes “good money” from sponsored Instagram posts and his photography work, and that’s good enough for him. Still, the insider insists that his parents want Brooklyn to be happy, but “they’re concerned that if there’s a bump on the road, Brooklyn will be hit very hard.”

Gossip Cop’s Take On The Story

Gossip Cop doesn’t doubt that anyone would stop worrying about their child, no matter what age they are. But to assert that Brooklyn Beckham is a “lost soul” simply because he got a tattoo is a bit excessive. Honestly, the tabloid is just piggy-backing off of what Piers Morgan stated about the young model on his show. In reality, we don’t know what his parents think about his new ink, but we do know that they support his engagement to Nicole Peltz.

Weeks ago, Victoria Beckham shared a sweet message for her future daughter-in-law’s birthday on social media. From the looks of it, the Beckhams are quite content with their son’s choice of partner and his life. Plus, Heat isn’t the most trustworthy outlet. Gossip Cop busted the tabloid before for reporting Victoria Beckham planned to get a costly makeover for her son’s wedding and that the Beckhams feared they’d lose their jet-set lifestyle. In reality, we doubt the tabloid even has insight on the Beckhams at all.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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