Truth About Queen Elizabeth II’s Relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles

One of the most controversial and talked about relationships is that of Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla Parker Bowles. Bowles has been married to Prince Charles since 2005, but the two’s relationship has faced scrutiny from the world due to the alleged affair they had while he was married to Princess Diana. The tabloids have asserted the queen was also against her eldest son’s second marriage. Gossip Cop has rounded up some rumors about the Royal in-laws and if they do get along.

Did Camilla Parker Bowles Throw Wine At The Queen?

In 2019, the Globe reported Camilla Parker Bowles and Queen Elizabeth II were involved in a drunken brawl. According to the tabloid, Parker Bowles allegedly “threw a glass of red wine” at Her Majesty and then “ripped a treasured pearl necklace” off the queen’s throat.” An insider added that Parker Bowles was throwing back gin and tonics before polishing off a full bottle of red wine at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The paper alleged that the queen and Parker Bowles exchanged heated words and the source contended the two got into a physical altercation. The over-dramatized tale was just too ridiculous to be true, which was what Gossip Cop discovered after investigating the story.

Did The Queen Demand Prince Charles Divorce Camilla?

In March of that year, Gossip Cop looked into an article from the same tabloid that asserted Queen Elizabeth II ordered Prince Charles to divorce Camilla Parker Bowles. The paper claimed Prince Charles and Parker Bowles “secretly filed divorce papers” because the queen deemed it to happen. But, if the spouses filed these papers privately, how did the tabloid come to know of this? Yet, an insider claimed the Duchess of Cornwall was demanding “a divorce settlement of $213 million” and that “Prince Charles was terrified she’d spill her guts and bare all his dirty secrets.” Gossip Cop ran the story by our reputable source close to the situation who laughed off the ridiculous account.

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Wait, Camilla Parker Bowles And Meghan Markle Are Thieves?

A few months ago, New Idea claimed Meghan Markle and Camilla Parker Bowles were jewel thieves. We’d just like to say how absurd this narrative sounded. Why would Markle or Parker Bowles steal from the queen? The outlet asserted the queen’s tiara was stolen and the duchesses were the culprits behind it. An insider revealed the queen was “getting more protective of her jewels in her late age, probably because everyone from Camilla to Meghan to Fergie has their beady eyes on them!” Gossip Cop quickly clarified the story. In 1995, the queen’s pearl tiara was stolen from its resting place and the thief was never caught. The outlet insisted her daughters-in-law may have had something to do with it, but that wasn’t the case. The Duchesses of Cornwall and Sussex weren’t thieves and had nothing to do with the queen’s missing tiara.

Did Queen Elizabeth II Demote Camilla Parker Bowles?

Recently, the Globe once again purported drama was occurring between the queen and Parker Bowles. The tabloid alleged Queen Elizabeth II demoted Camilla Parker Bowles. Dubbing the duchess “Prince Charles’ conniving wife,” the outlet claimed Bowles was furious she was “robbed” of becoming the next queen. Gossip Cop explained that there was never any title change and Bowles was not demoted. When Prince Charles wed the duchess, it was already set that she would take the title of princess consort, not queen, as is customary. The tabloid isn’t privy to any insight at all.

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Simply put, every family has its issues. The British Royal Family is no exception. That doesn’t mean Queen Elizabeth II and Camilla Parker Bowles are feuding.

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