Truth About Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher’s Relationship With Demi Moore

In 2019, Demi Moore released her bestselling memoir Inside Out which contained many stories about her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher behaving badly. The ensuing scandal made many wonder what the future held for Kutcher and his current wife Mila Kunis.Reading the tabloids, you would think Demi Moore was breaking Kunis and Kutcher up. Here are some stories Gossip Cop has busted about the trio.

Moore And Bruce Willis To Be Godparents

In 2018 Star claimed that Kutcher’s ex-wife Moore and Moore’s ex-husband Bruce Willis would become Godparents to Kunis and Kutcher’s twins. An alleged source said “Ashton is still very close to Demi and Bruce and their daughters” and Kunis has “long admired that dynamic.” Gossip Cop easily busted this story by noting that Kunis and Kutcher were not having twins. Willis and Moore cannot be godparents to non-existent children, so this story was bogus.

Kunis Starving Herself Over Marital Issues

In the wake of Moore’s memoir, the National Enquirer claimed Kunis was losing weight over stress. A supposed tipster said “he’s freaking out about it,” and is “surviving on coffee and green juice.” A so-called medical “expert” said, “She needs nutrition and emotional support, and to get away from the stress that’s causing this behavior.” This source, who has never met Kunis, effectively just said eating is good and stress is bad. This was not the first starving Kunis story Gossip Cop as busted, and a spokesperson for Kunis told us on the record that Kunsia and Kutcher’s marriage was not ending.

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Kutcher Planning Revenge Tell-All

According to Heat, Kunis was so upset with Moore’s memoir that she was telling Kutcher to do his own tell-all interview as revenge. The Punk’d star decided he needs to “[sit] down with one of the major networks and [refute] many of Demi’s allegations while telling a few truths of his own. He claims she was [miserable] to live with for much of their marriage, and his fans and family deserve to know the truth.” Kunis was “fed up, too” and “would like to bring Demi down a peg or two for trying to destroy her family.” Moore did not destroy their family, nor did Kutcher ever plan to address the allegations in Moore’s book

A Vengeful ‘Erotic Podcast’ On The Way?

According to New Idea, Kunis “has reached her breaking point over Demi Moore’s plans to spill all her sex secrets on her new erotic podcast.” Kunis had “already suffered humiliation” when Moore’s memoir came out, and it looked like things would only get worse. An alleged insider said, “Mila never shows it, but she’s always been deeply insecure about Demi and this is her idea of a nightmare.” Moore was doing a scripted podcast based on the life of Shana Feste, the director. This was an acting job for Moore, not another tell-all, so Kunis had nothing to worry about in the first place.

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