Truth About Leonardo DiCaprio Becoming A Father

Leonardo DiCaprio is not a father yet. The tabloids, however, have falsely claimed several times that the actor was expecting a child. The actor’s personal life has been subjected to numerous phony rumors, but these take the cake. Here are a few times Gossip Cop busted the tabloids for being wrong about DiCaprio becoming a dad.

In July 2019, NW falsely claimed DiCaprio’s girlfriend, Camila Morrone, was pregnant with his baby. The bogus outlet alleged the actor “accidentally” impregnated Morrone with a supposed source stating, “she’s not confirming it, but it looks like she’s having a baby. And if she is, it wouldn’t have been planned, if Leo had anything to say about it.” The dubious magazine further insisted the only reason the couple was still together was that Morrone was a “blast” to be around but “that could all change if she has his child.” The publication was way off-base with its narrative. Gossip Cop checked with a spokesperson for DiCaprio who confirmed the story was untrue.

The following month, the very same outlet continued the narrative by alleging Brad Pitt was to be the best man in DiCaprio and Morrone’s “shotgun” wedding. According to the unreliable magazine, DiCaprio was set to marry Morrone, who the magazine claimed once again was pregnant, and asked Pitt to be the best man. The publication also claimed DiCaprio spilled the news to a few close friends and family members. Gossip Cop already corrected the phony magazine’s previous story that Morrone was pregnant and nothing had changed in a month. Gossip Cop debunked the article at the time and DiCaprio and Morrone didn’t get married, nor are they married now.

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Earlier this year, Gossip Cop busted OK! for incorrectly stating DiCaprio and Morrone secretly married before the Oscars and was also expecting a baby. After DiCaprio and Morrone were seen in public for the first time together at the Academy Awards, the magazine claimed the reason the couple decided to finally step out was that they had secretly wed. The publication claimed DiCaprio quietly flew out their close family and friends to the Bahamas for the alleged ceremony, which supposedly cost him $4 million to pull off. While this sounds like a dream come true, it never happened. Morrone was not pregnant with DiCaprio’s child and the two did not run off to the Bahamas to marry.

And just a few weeks ago, NW was once again debunked by Gossip Cop for asserting Morrone was pregnant with DiCaprio’s baby. The outlet claimed during the 2019 LACMA Art + Film Gala, Morrone was “showing off the beginnings” of the so-called baby bump. “She’s not confirming it, but she’s having a baby. Camila’s started wearing floaty clothes and is looking radiant,” a supposed friend told the phony magazine. The publication maintained DiCaprio was at first “shocked” by the news but eventually “warmed up” to the idea. First, if what the tabloid was stating was true, Morrone would’ve been at least six months pregnant when the story came out. Furthermore, the story contradicted the magazine’s previous tales about Morrone being “pregnant.” We wasted no time in dismissing the silly story at the time. Gossip Cop will continue to check the tabloids for phony stories just like these.

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