Truth About Kurt Russell And Chris Pratt’s Friendship

When Kurt Russell joined the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, he immediately took a dislike to the franchise’s star (lord), Chris Pratt. The two didn’t get along on set, according to Russell. Russell even lamented during the press for the film’s release that he felt Pratt was “wasting” the “small amount of talent” the Parks and Rec actor has.

Ok, ok, none of that is true. The facts are that Pratt and Russell got along great playing father and son in the second Guardians film. That didn’t stop Russell from joking about how terrible Pratt is, though. While doing press for the movie’s release, Russell did a great job of staying in character and pushing the narrative that he couldn’t stand being around Pratt while filming.

Kurt Russell played up a rivalry while doing press for the film

In a press interview, Russell laid it on heavy. When he was asked what it was like working with Chris Pratt, the veteran actor said, “It’s a shame to watch somebody who has some talent just piss it away because he’s just such an enormous ass. There’s nothing I could ever say to him, I could never get through to him. He’s on his own little thing, and he’s going to find out it’s going to end. This ride’s going to end.” Russell added, “It’s a shame. It’s too bad. Because as I said, he has… some talent.” Finally, Russell broke and let out a hearty laugh before the interview wrapped up.

Chris Pratt tried, but broke character quickly

Chris Pratt, on the other hand, couldn’t keep the joke going. His respect for Russell seemed to prevent him from even trying to respond in kind. The interviewer told the Jurassic World actor that Russell said he asked him to leave the set often and asked if Pratt knew he “disliked [Russell] as quickly as [Russell] disliked him. Pratt responded, “Immediately. I knew immediately that we would be lifelong enemies.” Alas, Pratt quickly reversed course from the playful banter. “Yeah, he’s the best. He’s such a good dude.”

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Pratt and Russell actually bonded quickly

The two actually have a lot in common. Pratt said, “We had a lot to talk about even outside of Hollywood.” One thing they bonded over, according to both them, was a love of nature. Pratt said in a joint interview with USA Today, “I’ve always loved the outdoors and I knew that about Kurt before I even knew Kurt, and so we spent a lot of time bonding over that passion for the outdoors.” Russell added that there was also a mutual “appreciation for tradition that can be handed down from generation to generation. Chris and I share a deep understanding for what that’s meant in our life.”

Spoiler alert: Russell’s character, Ego, blows up at the end Guardians 2, and there is still no official release date for the hotly anticipated third installment. Here’s hoping Marvel and writer James Gunn have figured out a way to get Russell into the film. We all would love to see the chemistry Pratt and Russell have together on and off-screen again.

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