Truth About Katie Holmes And Nicole Kidman’s Relationship

Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman don’t seem to know each other, but that hasn’t stopped the tabloids from connecting them. False articles involving the two seem to emerge simply because both actresses were married to Tom Cruise. Here are a few wrong rumors Gossip Cop has corrected about their relationship, or lack thereof.

Last November, Grazia published a phony report claiming Holmes and Kidman were planning to work together on a “Hollywood production.” The outlet didn’t bother to explain what the project entailed, or even whether it would be a movie or a TV series. Gossip Cop pointed out that the utter lack of details about the project was suspicious, and checked in with a rep for Holmes, who flatly denied the two had any collaboration in the works.

Gossip Cop busted NW in July for making up a story about Kidman and Holmes secretly meeting in Paris to gossip about Cruise. Quoting an unnamed “source,” the magazine said the two met up at Kidman’s hotel and “agreed to stick together” after discussing their mutual ex-husband. The only true aspect of the story was that both actresses were in Paris around the same time over the summer. Holmes’ spokesperson confirmed they never got together to discuss Cruise, or anything else for that matter.

In August, New Idea came up with a similarly false narrative about Holmes and Kidman secretly meeting up at a Broadway show to discuss Cruise. In addition to moving the storyline from Paris to New York City, the tabloid also played up an angle involving Scientology. The outlet claimed Kidman asked Holmes for advice on getting her two kids with Cruise away from the religion, just as Holmes did with her daughter Suri.

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However, there was a major hole in the story. The magazine insisted this meeting went down at a production of Moulin Rouge! on Broadway, but the two actresses were photographed seeing the show almost a week apart. They weren’t at the same performance, and clearly never met at the Broadway show.

And earlier this month, Woman’s Day wrongly reported Holmes was begging Kidman to help save Suri from Scientology. The tabloid simply flipped the previous narrative about Kidman being the one asking Holmes for help. The story was equally untrue, and also didn’t make much sense.

Holmes has full custody of Suri, who is still a minor, while Kidman’s children with Cruise are adults making their own decisions. There is very little in common with the two situations. This ongoing saga involving Kidman and Holmes was invented to connect two stars who were married to the same celebrity, but who don’t appear to know each other at all.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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