Truth About Hoda Kotb Leaving ‘The Today Show’

Emmy and Peabody Award winner Hoda Kotb started working on Today in 2007. She’s as synonymous with the morning show as any anchor it’s had in its 69-year history. Kotb is not leaving the program any time soon, but that hasn’t stopped tabloids from endlessly claiming otherwise. Here are some stories Gossip Cop busted about Kotb leaving Today.

Kaite Couric ‘Our For’ Kotb’s Job

In February 2018, the National Enquirer claimed former Today host Katie Couric was trying to “regain her former morning show glory” and was “determined to replace” Kotb as the face of Today. This story came about because Couric was pegged to spearhead NBC’s Olympics coverage, and this job was a way to “[get] her foot in the door.” An insider said the Olympics job meant Couric had a “clear shot at replacing Hoda and regaining her place as top dog.

This story was wrong on so many levels. Neither Couric nor Kotb work alone, so there was no reason that Couric returning to Today would require that Kotb leave. Furthermore, Kotb herself was also doing Olympic coverage for the network, which is something the tabloid really should have mentioned. A rep for Couric told Gossip Cop this story was “not even remotely true.”

Kotb’s Days Are Numbered

Back in May 2018, the National Enquirer said Kotb could be fired due to “slumping ratings.” A tipster said Kotb replacing disgraced former anchor Matt Lauer a “big mistake” that would be “fixed” immediately. The network was apparently “considering reinstating” Lauer. An insider on Today assured Gossip Cop this report was absurd and untrue. The ratings went up after Kotb took the job from Lauer, not down, so firing her made no sense at all. Now, nearly two years later, Kotb still hosts Today, so clearly this story was bogus.

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Bullied Off By Savannah Guthrie And Jenna Bush Hager

According to the Enquirer, Kotb had grown “disillusioned” with Today after being “bullied” by her co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager. The two had teamed up and “managed to make Hoda feel marginalized and less important with every broadcast.” Kotb was feeling “isolated and overlooked” on her own show and was considering leaving for good.

Gossip Cop busted this story by pointing out that everyone involved is a professional, and a cursory glance at their various social media pages would show loads of supportive messages. Kotb is a stalwart on Today and isn’t getting the “Mean Girls treatment.” Kotb, Guthrie, and Hager all get along swimmingly, so we busted the story.

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