Truth About Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood Divorcing

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have been married for nearly 15 years, but the longevity of their marriage has done nothing to protect the couple from rumors of marital problems. Gossip Cop busted these tabloids for their misleading stories, but then we noticed a pattern when it came to this couple in particular.

The Globe published an article last October with the splashy headline, “Garth & Trisha’s Marriage Explodes!” According to this outlet, Brooks was seriously considering divorcing Yearwood. “Their wires seem crossed now as far as really communicating without it turning into a battle,” snitched a supposed source. “I think Garth, especially, is ready to walk unless they can find a middle ground — one that doesn’t include Trisha feeling like she calls the shots.” Gossip Cop found plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Two weeks prior, Garth Brooks had gushed about Trisha Yearwood in an interview with Us Weekly. The country spouses also looked happy to be spending time together while they volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. There was plenty of evidence supporting the fact that Yearwood and Brooks were perfectly happy together and absolutely none that indicated they were on the verge of divorce. This story was simply untrue.

Earlier this year, that same outlet claimed that Miranda Lambert had sent Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood’s marriage into a crisis. Yearwood was allegedly “insanely jealous of Garth’s intense interest in Miranda,” a dubious tipster told the tabloid. “She’s furious with Garth because she knows Miranda is a notorious man-eater who has a history of trying to get her hooks into married men.” Things only got worse when Brooks publicly praised Lambert and started talking about asking her to go on tour with him, which left Yearwood feeling “humiliated.” “She’s incredibly insecure,” tattled the untrustworthy tipster. “They’re fighting so much about it, it’s left their marriage hanging by a thread.” Gossip Cop was more than happy to debunk this nasty rumor.

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There was absolutely no indication that Garth Brooks had asked Miranda Lambert to join him on tour. In fact, the relationship between the two country music superstars might actually be a little awkward, considering the fact that Lambert called Brooks out for lip-syncing at the 2017 CMAs. Beyond that, Trisha Yearwood had recently had an interview on Good Morning America, where she revealed the secret to the longevity of her marriage to Brooks. “We’re friends at the end of the day, and we enjoy each other’s company and like being together,” she said, adding that the two make each other a “priority.”

Most recently, the National Enquirer claimed that Yearwood and Brooks had a huge fight just before their at-home benefit concert. “They fought about every aspect of the CBS show and weren’t being discreet about it during rehearsals!” a so-called source told the outlet. “By the time rehearsals were finished, Trisha and Garth weren’t even speaking to each other.” The source of some of the friction between the spouses came from Yearwood’s “insistence on choosing every song for the TV show.” This left Brooks “ready to walk.”

This was the easiest of all the stories to debunk. The literal name of Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks’ charity special was Garth & Trisha: Live By Request! The songs the couple sang weren’t pre-decided. Fans watching from home were behind the song choice. How could the couple fight over something that was never their decision? Once again, Yearwood’s own glowing praise of her husband was the final straw that busted this story right open for Gossip Cop. While promoting the concert, Yearwood referred to her husband as “a really wonderful source of strength” for her. It was ridiculous for this tabloid to try to get away with its lies, especially when the truth was staring them in the face.

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This isn’t the first time the National Enquirer has made a stumble while reporting on Garth Brooks. Last April, the unreliable outlet falsely reported that Brooks would be singing at Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger’s wedding. Gossip Cop checked in with Brooks’ spokesperson, who told us the tale was “not true.” Just goes to show, this tabloid can not be trusted.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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