Truth About Cameron Diaz Baby Rumors

Cameron Diaz has inspired all kinds of false stories in the tabloids about her being pregnant. Not only has the actress fallen victim to these bogus tales, but her friends as well. Gossip Cop has rounded up a few times the tabloids were wrong about Diaz and those closet to her being pregnant.

Cameron Diaz Having Twins?

In May 2019, OK!, alleged Cameron Diaz and her husband, Benji Madden, were expecting twin girls. A supposed insider told the magazine, “Cameron and Benji finally agreed to have IVF treatments last year and on her sixth round, she got pregnant with twins. She and Benji are thrilled and she’s ready for twin troubles, thanks to Benji’s coaching.” The dubious story however was completely fabricated. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation who assured us that Diaz was not expecting. While Diaz and Madden announced the birth of their child earlier this year, it wasn’t twins.

Cameron Had Another Baby On The Way Already?

In April of this year, Gossip Cop debunked the publication again for falsely claiming Diaz was expecting her second child. The outlet maintained following welcoming her first daughter with Madden, Raddix, “rumors” were swirling among their inner circle that Diaz may have “accidentally” gotten pregnant. The paper claimed the reason why this “rumor” was going around was because the actress was seen sipping lemon water instead of a cocktail. It wasn’t true, however. The actress revealed how much she enjoys sipping wine while cooking for her family, which contradicted what the story tried to convince readers of. Gossip Cop wasted no time in correcting the silly narrative.

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Nicole Richie Caught Baby Fever?

The tabloids even tried to insinuate that after Diaz welcomed her daughter, it inspired others to expand their family. Earlier this year, Life & Style purported Nicole Richie had “baby fever” after meeting Diaz’s daughter. The publication contended after Richie, who is Diaz’s sister-in-law, helped out with baby Raddix she “forgot how amazing it is to be a new mom.” The paper claimed Richie’s husband, Joel Madden, was “on the fence” about having another baby because he felt that “two was enough.” While we’re sure Richie was thrilled for her sister-in-law, it wasn’t true that the former reality star was looking to have another baby. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation who confirmed Richie was content with two children.

Drew Barrymore Jumps On The Bandwagon Too?

The following month, the tabloid, NW, alleged that Drew Barrymore was having a baby through IVF after being inspired by Diaz. The magazine asserted Barrymore also had “baby fever” after meeting Diaz’s daughter and “decided to not wait around for a man to make this happen.” The dubious story even insisted Barrymore was looking to ask her ex-husband, Will Kopelman, for his sperm so she could “keep it in the family.” Just like the previous story Gossip Cop had corrected, this one was no different. The Never Been Kissed actress was not looking to have another baby just because her close friend had one. Cameron Diaz and her close friends are enjoying motherhood. However, the tabloids shouldn’t suggest everyone has “baby fever” just because Diaz has a new daughter.

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