Tori Spelling Divorcing Dean McDermott, According To Reports

Are Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott headed for divorce? Plenty of tabloids are predicting the couple’s 15-year marriage is going to fall apart any day now. Gossip Cop has investigated the rumors and can set the record straight.

‘Spoiled Brat’ Tori Spelling Divorcing Dean McDermott?

Back in May, Woman’s Day reported Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott were finally divorcing after multiple “miserable” years of “soft splits.” According to the tabloid, Spelling had been “spoiled rotten” as a child, and to this day relies on her mother, Candy, to bail her out. According to the tabloid’s inside source, “Candy still pays for the kids’ schooling… medical bills and clothes,” which “hurts Dean’s pride.” Finally, the source added, “If they got divorced, it might not be such a bad thing in the long run.”

But Gossip Cop recognized the story for what is was: a barrage of insults against Spelling. The outlet gave little reason for why the couple’s marriage was “over.” Instead, the outlet just listed off negative traits that sound more like Spelling’s character on 90210 than any real person.

Tori Spelling Demands Dean McDermott To Give Her Another Baby?

In June, the National Enquirer reported Spelling had given McDermott an ultimatum, demanding that he give her another baby or a divorce. According to the report, it was all part of Spelling’s plan to give her and McDermott a “fresh start,” but insiders remained skeptical. “It’s true they got along a lot happier when she was pregnant, but a lot of people think she’s being delusional since they still have a lot of issues to work through,” explained the source, “But having another kid isn’t going to be a magic fix. In fact, it may even add to their problems!”

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Of course, an ultimatum like this would be a bad idea. That’s probably why Spelling never issued anything like it. Spelling certainly isn’t pregnant, and her marriage to McDermott remains a private matter that tabloids have no valuable insight into.

Divorce ‘Around The Corner’ For Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott?

Then OK! reported Spelling and McDermott had been on the rocks for months. An insider dished that Spelling had been “exhausting herself handling all the domestic chores and single-handedly taking care of the kids while Dean has his mind on other things, like getting more acting work,” adding, “Tori’s friends are saying that sometimes Dean doesn’t even seem to be aware that she’s in the room, and it’s frustrating her to no end.” The outlet cited a photo of Spelling without her wedding band as evidence she’s considering divorcing McDermott.

But one photo of Spelling without her wedding ring doesn’t necessarily mean they’re divorcing. The tabloids often claim couples are divorcing just because celebrities take off their rings on occasion. That being said, these photos almost never mean anything. If that’s all the tabloid has, we doubt it means much at all. While divorce could be in Spelling and McDermott’s future, the tabloids will not be the first to know.

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