Top Wendy Williams Story Of 2020: Suffered On Air Stroke

One of the top rumors this year claimed Wendy Williams might have suffered an on-air stroke. The report came amid heightened speculation from fans about Williams’ condition after she gave an off-kilter performance on The Wendy Williams Show. Gossip Cop investigated the claim.

Wendy Williams Had “Meltdown” On Talk Show?

The Globe reported that Wendy Williams had a “shocking meltdown on live TV” after her behavior on an episode of The Wendy Williams Show sparked concern among fans. The talk show host struggled to pronounce words and appeared confused. A source told the outlet,

When she walked onstage, she was zigzagging. She couldn’t pronounce the word ‘jealous’ and seemed confused. She couldn’t say Adele’s name properly and even one-syllable words were difficult for her.

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A Crew Member “Had To Intervene”

“Her eyes bugged out and she couldn’t focus,” the source continued. “A member of the crew had to intervene when she seemed to forget what she was talking about.” A doctor, whom the tabloid admitted had never treated Williams, and likely had never even met the former shock jock, suggested she had suffered a “transient ischemic attack,” a condition that could evolve into “full-blown stroke where the brain doesn’t work and parts of the body become paralyzed. They could die!”

The tabloid then switched tones from seemingly concerned about a possible medical episode to something altogether different. It insisted that “oddball behavior is nothing new” for Williams, referring to her as a “recovering boozer and cocaine junkie.” The outlet provided strange examples of Williams’ so-called “oddball behavior,” including the fact that she once fainted during a 2017 episode of her talk show, as well as her recent divorce from Kevin Hunter who cheated on her, getting the other woman pregnant in the process. In the end, the tabloid finished with another lame quote from its supposed “insider.”

Friends are begging her to get medical attention, ASAP.

Gossip Cop took a lot of issue with the way the tabloid referred to Wendy Williams’ well-documented struggles with sobriety. If this outlet wanted to be completely sincere in its reporting about Williams supposedly suffering a stroke on air, why did it delve into her personal life? And considering the fact that Williams’ career has not been unmarked by scandals, including some scandals that took place earlier this year, the so-called “scandals” that the tabloid decided to focus on is incredibly telling. Besides, Williams addressed what happened in the episode in question on a later show.

I appreciate you watching, but even after all of these years, it’s still work. An effort put in for the hour I’m out here, you know? I guess every day is not perfect, but I’m not a perfectionist. I’m not perfect.

If it had really been a serious medical episode, it seems far more likely that Williams would have said as much, especially since the rumors about the reason for her behavior weren’t exactly flattering. It should also be noted that the episode came just a few days after Williams ended her turn on Dancing With The Stars, which could also explain why Williams’ performance was subpar. Whatever the case, the Globe, its shady sources, and its even shadier “medical expert” definitely did not have the full story.

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The tabloids have made a habit of commenting on the health of various TV hosts, but American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest is definitely a favorite target. They have reported multiple times over the last few months about Seacrest’s supposed health crises. When the outlet’s not claiming the host is going blind from Botox, it’s insisting that Seacrest is secretly suffering from a deadly disease. Gossip Cop has proven each of these claims to be utterly false.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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