Top Katie Holmes Story Of 2020: Changing Suri’s Last Name

Batman Begins star Katie Holmes continued to fill the tabloids in 2020. Her burgeoning relationship with chef Emilio Vitolo Jr led to all kinds of wild stories. Gossip Cop’s top Holmes rumor of the year centered around her daughter Suri Cruise and an apparent attempt to change her last name.

Marriage To Change Her Name

In July, New Idea spun quite a tale about Holmes getting married so she could change Suri’s last name. Holmes apparently wanted to change her daughter’s name, but there were legal difficulties that supposedly prevented her from doing so. The tabloid said,

Katie’s dad is looking at what can be done, but it’ll be like a poking a bear. It’s been since Suri was 12 that she’s wanted this, mostly out as a gesture to her mom. They can’t ignore this forever.

Simply Not True

To change the name a bit sooner, Holmes decided to get married to an unnamed man which would then change Suri’s last name as well somehow. This elaborate story came about because Holmes posted a photo on Instagram of herself in a white dress. Gossip Cop busted this story by pointing out that this wasn’t a wedding dress but a promotional shot for a clothing line. A rep Holmes also confirmed that the story was not true.

The story managed to twist a photograph of Holmes in a white dress into a crazy story about name-changing weddings for the sake of Suri Cruise. As we enter 2021, Suri Cruise is still Suri Cruise and Holmes is still not married. Not to an unknown, unnamed man, nor to her new beau Emilio Vitolo Jr. That hasn’t stopped tabloids from speculating that a wedding may come soon though. Despite all kinds of rumors about Holmes and Vitolo, as we enter 2021, the two are still just dating.

Not The Final Holmes Story

New Idea’s coverage of Holmes was all over the place last year. One minute she’s reunited with Chris Klein, and the next she’s dating James Marsden. Between those two actors, she apparently found time to date Justin Theroux with Jennifer Aniston’s blessing. None of these pairings were ever mentioned again. The tabloid also said Holmes was pregnant with a girl, which a spokesperson for holmes called “disgusting and untrue.”

It’s safe to say that this tabloid cannot be trusted when it comes to stories about Holmes. As we enter 2021, perhaps the tabloid will turn over a new leaf and only publish accurate stories with hard evidence. Gossip Cop won’t hold our breath though.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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