Tom Selleck Going Blind, Leaving ‘Blue Bloods’ Over Health Scares?

Tom Selleck recently celebrated his 76th birthday. The Blue Bloods star’s health is frequently questioned by tabloids and rumors. Here are some stories Gossip Cop has investigated about Selleck’s wellbeing.

Tom Selleck Going Blind

In an outrageous story, the National Enquirer claimed that Selleck was struggling with arthritis, and the long-term use of steroids to treat the condition could threaten his eyesight. An insider said, “Macho Tom is falling apart before our eyes.” It is true that some prolonged steroid use could eventually affect eyesight, but this has nothing to do with Selleck specifically. A spokesperson for the former Friends star went on the record with Gossip Cop to say this story was “completely untrue.” Just because Selleck wears glasses doesn’t mean he’s going blind.

Ready To Retire?

OK! claimed that Tom Selleck was getting ready to quit show business. An insider said Blue Bloods was taking “more and more out of him every season.” The Magnum, P.I. star was instead going to spend more time with his family. An insider said, “Tom’s got plenty to keep him busy — and he looks forward to kicking back on the days he doesn’t.” This story had no hard evidence whatsoever. A rep for Selleck told Gossip Cop, “Tom is not retiring. End of story.” Selleck sees a long future for Blue Bloods and is not quitting the show.

Tom Selleck ‘Smashing The Scales’

We’ve seen tabloids attack his stamina and eyesight, so the Globe chose to attack his weight. The disgraceful tabloid called him “tubby Tom” and determined that he was closing in on 300 pounds. An insider said Selleck “has always been a big steak and potatoes guy — but now the more carbs he consumes, the lazier and fatter he seems to get.” The tabloid compared photos of Selleck now from 40 years ago, which is hardly a reasonable comparison. Selleck is in great condition, and his rep said, “Tom has not gained weight. Please watch the show, and you will see how great he looks.”

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Tom Selleck Dying?

According to the National Enquirer in February of 2019, Selleck had an “incurable disease” and “may not have much longer” to live. His arthritis was reportedly forcing Selleck to leave Blue Bloods. An alleged source said he needed a stunt double “for simple scenes, like getting out of the police car.” Gossip Cop ran this story by Selleck’s spokesperson, who told us it was “unequivocally not true.” It’s been two years since this story came out, and Selleck is still alive and working.

The beloved television star’s health is in tip-top shape, and he continues to star on Blue Bloods. Tabloids really do not care about reality though and continue to claim that Selleck is suffering from an assortment of ailments. The actor looks as healthy as ever.

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