Tom Hardy Can’t Stop Acting Like Al Capone At Home And His Wife Is Furious

Tom Hardy is renowned for his intense performances and absurd amounts of dedication to his roles, and rumor has it that his extreme commitment to the role of Al Capone for Josh Trank’s Capone is still frustrating his wife. Let’s take a look at what the problem is and what’s being said about the Mad Max: Fury Road star.

Tom Hardy’s Too Dedicated To Capone?

“Tom Still Acting Out,” said an article in OK! from this summer. The outlet notes that despite the fact it’s been more than two years since Hardy actually filmed Capone, an unnamed “friend” of the actor claimed that he’s “still can’t get out of the notorious gangster’s mindset!” His method acting saw him bulking up and studying speech patterns, but it apparently wasn’t just another job for the actor. “He packed on a lot of weight for the role, but it’s not just the scary physical transformation he went through,” the mysterious pal added, saying,

Getting in this psycho killer’s mind was a river of darkness, and Tom still has trouble shaking him from his thoughts.

Even though she’s typically “used to Tom’s extreme behavior during a film shoot,” it allegedly reached a point where Hardy’s wife, Charlotte Riley, has had to put her foot down. “She’s telling him not to take on any more weirdo roles because it affects their personal life,” the snitch concluded. “Tom knows he can be a lot to handle, so he’s taking up things like meditating and yoga to relax. He’s trying his best to be more laid-back.”

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Who Cares This Much About ‘Capone’?

Capone was indeed filmed years ago, and it came out this past May after languishing in limbo for a while. This tabloid story came out around a month afterward, meaning that it was just an attempt at capturing some of the negative attention the film received. Hardy’s performance earned him a fair amount of praise for his effort and dedication to playing the elderly and syphilis-ridden version of the imposing gangster, but regardless of how intimidating the real Al Capone might’ve been, this is still a film bookended by Hardy’s character defecating on himself.

And at no point between the production’s filming and release, the magazine didn’t feel the need to bring up the apparent years of suffering through Hardy’s method acting. While we don’t doubt that he can be as serious as a heart attack when he needs to be, there’s nothing to say that Hardy is drowning in a “river of darkness” or whatever it is this narrative is trying to sell. He’s actually a pretty funny guy, and he’s still taking on plenty of serious projects despite the tabloid’s objection. He’s starring in the film adaption of the intense The Things They Carried alongside Tye Sheridan and Pete Davidson, and he’s got a Navy SEAL movie somewhere in the works.

By all accounts, Hardy and his wife are doing just fine and are trying their best to carry on in the pandemic, just like every other couple. OK! doesn’t seem to care about the reality of Hardy’s situation, however, given its past reporting on him. It previously tried to argue that Hardy had taken over as James Bond, much to Daniel Craig’s dismay. While Tom Hardy managed to land some big roles in the past few years, 007 is not one of them. There’s just no reason to listen to this tabloid or its sources.

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