The Worst MediaTakeOut Rumors That Were Completely Wrong

MediaTakeOut, otherwise known as MTO News, doesn’t have a stellar record when it comes to reporting on celebrity news. In fact, we here at Gossip Cop dubbed them MediaFakeOut on account of how often we’ve debunked their bogus rumors. It’d be embarrassing for the gossip site if they had any shame to begin with. Here are just a few of the site’s blatantly incorrect stories that we’ve debunked.

Ariana Grande has seven rings, zero pregnancies

It seems like a very long time ago, but in the summer of 2018, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande were going so strong, the often discredited gossip blog claimed Davidson had gotten Grande pregnant. The site, quoting an “anonymous entertainment insider,” claimed the singer had pushed back the release of her album because of the incoming baby.

Grande took to Twitter to clear up the rumors, essentially doing our job here at Gossip Cop for us. The “shocking new report” was unshockingly false. Nearly two years later, we’re still waiting on that Davidson/Grande baby.

Kim Kardashian isn’t green around the gills

In August of 2018, MediaTakeOut claimed that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were heading for divorce because she was wearing green. As odd as this rumor seemed, the outlet argued that it had its reasoning for posting such an absurd story, though the explanation doesn’t make much more sense than the claim. The site argued that Kardashian revealed the news at her younger sister Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday party. The party supposedly used color-coded cups to denote the drinker’s relationship status, with green being the color for “it’s complicated.” After she was spotted wearing a green wig one day and a green dress the next, the gossip blog published the rumor, writing, “People are saying that hiss Kim’s subtle way of telling the world [sic] — that her marriage to Kanye is now ‘complicated.’”

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Though we already knew the answer, Gossip Cop investigated the rumor anyway. A quick tour through Kardashian’s Instagram postings from that week revealed that while the reality star was on a green kick, it was by no means the only color she wore. The entire story was a stretch.

It’s now been two years since the article was published. Kardashian and West are still going strong, having welcomed their fourth child, Psalm, last spring. It’s worth noting that Kardashian already had to file a libel lawsuit against the site in 2016.

The Juice isn’t loose on Twitter

When O.J. Simpson joined Twitter in June of 2019, MediaTakeOut found an opportunity to spread more salacious gossip. The outlet reported that Simpson either tweeted “I killed her” or his Twitter account had been hacked. This sinister message seems to hint at Simpson’s involvement in the grisly murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown. The site took the message as either a taunting brag or proof the former NFL star’s Twitter account was hacked.

Gossip Cop investigated the story and found that neither was true. The account that tweeted the message was a fake account set up to trick users into thinking it was the real Simpson tweeting. The site didn’t even bother to check the handle attached to the post before it published the claim.

Beyonce isn’t hiding her age

Later that same year, MediaTakeOut claimed that Beyonce’s mom had inadvertently revealed Beyonce’s true age. In an Instagram post celebrating Beyonce’s 38th birthday, the singer’s mom, Tina Knowles, wrote, “39 years ago today you came into my life…” The gossip blog ran with this line, claiming that this was proof that Beyonce had been lying about her age for years — nevermind the fact that if one were to lie about their age, they’d probably make the difference more than one year.

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Gossip Cop looked into the claim and found it to be false. Knowles later clarified that she meant Beyonce’s conception date rather than her actual birthdate nine months later. Honestly, the site needs to reevaluate what it considers a source if it hopes to gain any credibility at all.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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