The Truth About Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Second Ex-Husband

Over the past few years, former Fox News reporter Kimberly Guilfoyle has made headlines due to her involvement with the Trump administration. In addition to championing the former president’s reelection campaign, she’s been dating Donald Trump Jr. since 2018. The 52-year-old TV personality also has two well-to-do ex-husbands—wealthy businessman Eric Villency and California Governor Gavin Newson. Here’s everything you need to know about Kimberly Guilfoyle, Gavin Newsom, and Eric Villency.

Kimberly Guilfoyle Served As Former President Donald Trump’s Advisor

Born on March 9, 1969, Kimberly Guilfoyle grew up in San Francisco, California. After attending college at the University of California Davis, she studied at the University of San Francisco School of Law and earned her Juris Doctor in 1994. After law school, Guilfoyle served as the Los Angeles deputy district attorney for four years, followed by four years as assistant district attorney at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

In early 2004, the legal expert transitioned into a media career, hosting the show Both Sides on Court TV and working as a legal analyst for CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°. The following year, Fox News tapped her to host their weekend show, The Lineup. She eventually became co-host of the popular Fox talk show The Five in 2011.

Guilfoyle also made regular appearances on other Fox shows throughout her tenure at the network. She popped up on shows like Outnumbered, The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, and Fox and Friends. But in 2018, she left her job abruptly amidst sexual harassment accusations from one of her former assistants. Guilfoyle denied all the allegations. However, it’s been reported that Fox News paid the assistant $4 million to deter him from filing a suit.

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Always a vocal Trump supporter, Guilfoyle began working for the Trump campaign in an official capacity in 2020 when she was named a senior advisor. She’s also currently dating Donald Trump Jr., and it appears as though their relationship is pretty serious—they recently purchased a $9.7 million house together in Jupiter, Florida.

“I love him so much,” Guilfoyle said of Trump Jr. in a 2018 interview with The Washington Post. “I love spending time with him. And I have no apologies. We love each other very much.”

Is marriage on the horizon for the conservative couple? The twice-divorced Guilfoyle says maybe. “We’re very committed and very in love,” she admitted in a recent interview on the Hamptons TV show Successful Philanthropy (as reported by Page Six). “He is my sweetheart. I already feel married and committed to him, 100 percent. Being his wife would be something that, of course, would be something that I think would be fantastic. I absolutely adore the family … I already feel married to him.”

Guilfoyle also explained that while the pair have only been dating for two years, they’ve known each other for over a decade.

“I’ve known him for about 14 years, he’s a wonderful father,” she said. “We really are a team, we support each other, we’re best friends we have great conversations and a lot of laughs together. It’s great we have such a strong relationship. It’s never wavered and I really feel blessed to be a part of it.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle Was First Married To California Governor Gavin Newsom

Back in the early 2000s, however, Guilfoyle’s political leanings were seemingly much more liberal. For four years, she was married to Democrat Gavin Newsom, who was elected Mayor of San Francisco in 2003. That made Guilfoyle the city’s First Lady, a title she held until the couple’s divorce in 2006. While they were married, the pair were considered by many to be the city’s next liberal power couple. A 2004 Harper’s Bazaar article even dubbed them “the New Kennedys.”

Today, Guilfoyle says that she never agreed with her ex-husband’s liberal politics. “Obviously, that wasn’t the best match for me,” she said in 2018. “But I think I got it right this time.”

Then, She Married Eric Villency

Not long after divorcing Newsom, Guilfoyle married businessman Eric Villency. The couple wed at a lavish Barbados resort in May of 2006.

Villency is the CEO of the Villency Design Group, a successful interior and product design company originally started by his grandfather. Guilfoyle and Villency share a son, Ronan Anthony, who was born on October 4th, 2006. While the pair divorced in 2009, the split was amicable, and the exes share custody of Ronan. Guilfoyle says she and Villency work together to co-parent their child, and she’s still tight with her second ex’s family.

“My second husband, Eric Villency, is the father of my beautiful boy Ronan Anthony,” she explained in an 2015 interview with Mediaite.com. “Even though we’re divorced, I’m still very close with his family. Even when people don’t stay married, they can still be a family together. That’s been something that’s been really good for developing me as a person. It’s been a very positive learning experience. When you go through divorce with children you don’t make it about you, make it about that child. Eric and I both want a positive environment for our son.”

Eric Villency Is Known As The “Wizard Of Wellness Design”

Though the marriage didn’t work out, it’s obvious why Guilfoyle feels for the 45-year-old businessman. With a reported net worth of $130 million, he’s led the Villency Design Group through many major successes. They designed some very well-known wellness products, including bikes for Soul Cycle and Peloton. Nicknamed the “Wizard Of Wellness Design” by Wellandgood.com, he’s also worked with Echelon Fitness, Barry’s Bootcamp, and Equinox.

“For me, it’s sort of a dream come true, because I love wellness,” Villency recently told Wellandgood.com. “I’ve always been super active, and it’s a huge part of my life.”

The CEO also says he believes Villency Design Group has been so successful in the fitness industry because of the company’s innovative approach to product design.

“I think everything starts with a really good design,” he told Business Insider in 2015. “And a really good design isn’t just a function of how it looks — you know, for example, indoor bikes … [are] in one of the most harsh environments you can possibly be in with the humidity and sweat and just a number of riders … so you know, I think our approach to fitness is  —I think different than a lot of the company’s traditionally making equipment.”

Eric Villency Was Also Once A Calvin Klein Model

Before taking the helm at his family’s company, Villency showed off his fit physique as a model for Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana. According to a 2003 New York Times article, he used his time as a model to pick up on some branding and marketing concepts. He also dabbled in real estate and spent six months doing serious manual labor as a furniture delivery man.

After splitting from Guilfoyle in 2009, Villency married Swedish designer Caroline Fare in 2013. That marriage ended in divorce in 2017, which means this very eligible bachelor is currently single.

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