The Truth About Angelina Jolie’s Sexuality and Dating Women

Angelina Jolie has never kept her bisexuality a secret. As far back as 1997 she has given interviews about openly loving both men and women. Good for her! What’s considerably less good is how the tabloid media has taken her bisexuality as carte blanche for dating rumors. Gossip Cop has debunked these stories time and time again, so here’s a sampling of tabloids sleazily promoting some lesbian dating rumors.

Angelina Jolie is dating Evan Rachel Wood?

The first of these many dating rumors concerns Jolie and Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood.Woman’s Day claimed they met at “Disney’s headquarters” of all places. An anonymous tipster claimed Jolie was “head over heels and wants to make a life” with Wood.

A source close to Jolie told Gossip Cop that the story was completely fictional. Evan Rachel Wood and Jolie have had very little interaction since they were photographed together at the 2009 SAG awards. There’s no rhyme or reason to this rumor except that Wood has also come out as bisexual. Therefore this magazine can just speculate the night away, it seems.

Is Jolie Pursuing Michelle Pfeiffer?

Nope! This made-up story comes from the National Enquirer, who claims Jolie is pursuing a relationship with her Maleficent: Mistress of Evil co-star Michelle Pfeiffer. The tabloid latched onto a comment Jolie made in an Access Hollywood interview where she said she had a “teen crush” on Pfeiffer. Apparently now she’s “swooning for” her co-worker.

Gossip Cop debunked this for two big reasons. For one, an individual from Jolie’s camp dismissed this story as “ridiculous.” The second reason is that Pfeiffer has been happily married to producer David E. Kelley for over twenty years now. It only takes one off-hand comment in an interview to get the tabloid machine rolling, apparently.

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Jolie Not On A Hook-Up Streak With Women

Between raising six children, acting, and continuing her internationally recognized humanitarian work, Jolie has also found the time to go on a string of “casual hookups” with various women. NW reported last year that Jolie, with her children’s blessing, “just wants to have no-strings fun” with any woman she can be set up with.

In between all of her commitments, Gossip Cop again shut the door on this rumor. An individual close to Jolie told us this story was entirely fabricated. Secret casual hook-ups make for easy tabloid fodder but it’s safe to say the magazines have no true access to Jolie’s personal life.

Is Jolie “On The Prowl” For Women?

This story is almost identical to the previous one but sounds more insidious. Here we see Globe pushing the narrative that Jolie has sworn off men entirely and is now on the prowl for women. A shady source claims that, with her children’s blessing, Jolie is now apparently looking for a woman to “snuggle between the sheets with.” Language like this seldom pops up in stories between Jolie and men, but tabloids use her bisexuality as a ticket to get weirdly intimate.

Yet again, Gossip Cop debunked this story. A few months earlier The National Enquirer, a sister publication of this tabloid, ran the exact opposite story, claiming she was out looking for men. That story was also incorrect. These tabloids obviously have no real insight into Jolie’s personal life, and so we debunked both irreconcilable stories.

Jolie Just Ignores These Bogus Stories

Jolie does not take these unavoidable dating articles seriously. A source close to the actress told Gossip Cop that of course, she sees the magazine covers at supermarkets, but they “don’t upset” her.

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Ever since Jolie and Brad Pitt got divorced, the tabloids have been relentless with these bogus dating stories. It’s reassuring to know that Jolie simply ignores the stories. Where she ignores, Gossip Cop will continue to debunk.

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