The Real Story Behind Victoria And David Beckham Divorce Rumors

Victoria and David Beckham‘s marriage always seems to be on the rocks, if tabloid reports are to be believed. Gossip Cop noticed that there’s a new report of them fighting or threatening divorce almost every week. We compiled the most ridiculous busts we’ve made about the famous pair’s supposedly impending divorce.

A report from Star claimed that Victoria and David Beckham were on the brink of divorce because he’d gotten a teacher pregnant. This was especially shocking considering it was their daughter’s teacher that the soccer star had supposedly gotten pregnant. By the time this article was published, the viral rumor had been put to rest. The alleged other woman’s own father came forward to assure the public that she’d never even met David, let alone gotten pregnant with his “love child.”

Still, this publication persisted with the rumor. A suspicious source told the publication, “David has denied it so many times, he’s sick of talking about it. But Posh just won’t let up.” For her part, Victoria “believes David when he says nothing is happening with the teacher, but the damage may be done.” The fighting had gotten so bad, there was “no going back,” continued the source. “A few days after the news broke, she phoned David to ask if their marriage was done for, and he couldn’t come up with an answer.” Of course, all of this was utter nonsense.

What sense does it make for a couple together for nearly two decades to get divorced over a false rumor that the man had gotten another woman pregnant? Gossip Cop couldn’t figure out the outlet’s motive for publishing such a nonsensical story, so we reached out to the couple’s spokesperson. The sordid tale was dismissed as “more tabloid lies.” Posh and Becks were never in any danger of divorcing over this false rumor.

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NW reported last summer that the Beckhams were in danger of divorcing just shy of their 20th anniversary. An alleged “insider” told the outlet, “David is the one who’s fed up with going through the motions and putting on an act.” It would be “heartbreaking for everyone if they’ve pulled the plug,” but there would still be some who saw the split coming as “they’ve been having major trouble for an extremely long time,” continued the dubious source.

The couple’s businesses were apparently the wedge driving them apart, insisted the source. Victoria Beckham has been busy with her fashion business, while David spends a lot of time in Miami working on his soccer projects. “A split could be the best scenario for both of them at this point in their lives,” added the insider. “It’s as though this could be the springboard for them to cut the cord and go their separate ways.”

Gossip Cop couldn’t trust a story that relies solely on the word of an anonymous source for their information. We did some digging and found photos Victoria had posted to Instagram of the whole family hanging out together in Miami, which David also posted to his page. That doesn’t seem like a family on the brink of breaking apart. For good measure, we also reached out to the couple’s spokesperson, who assured us they are not heading for divorce.

That same publication claimed in October 2019 that David Beckham had threatened to take the kids and leave Victoria if she didn’t stop drinking. The outlet rudely refers to Victoria as “Sloshed Posh” and quoted a so-called “insider” who claimed the final straw for the soccer star came during London Fashion Week the month before. “David was furious with Victoria for drinking so much that she could barely stand up straight,” snitched the suspicious source. “She was stumbling all over the place and making a fool out of both of them… revealing intimate details about their [love] life and slurring her words.”

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Things got so bad once the couple got home, alleged the source, that David Beckham packed up the kids and went with them to stay at his sister’s place. “Victoria was in a state as she begged and pleaded with him not to leave,” the alleged source concluded, “but he said he needed some space to calm down and she needed some time to sober up and think about her behavior.”

Interestingly enough, no footage of a “sloshed” Victoria during London Fashion Week can be found anywhere. Not even a photo of the former Spice Girl looking flushed. David even posted a photo of himself and the couple’s kids supporting their mom during Fashion Week, when this supposed incident allegedly took place. For the caption, he wrote, “A lot of love for mummy this afternoon. Well done, we are so proud as always.” That doesn’t sound like a man about to leave his wife. Gossip Cop also ran the story by Victoria’s rep, who called it “such rubbish.” This story seems more like a plot line out of a soap opera than reality.

Finally, the most absurd rumor of all came, once again, from NW. The tabloid claimed that Victoria Beckham was leaving David over a hot tub selfie he took with Courteney Cox. David and Cox made a guest appearance on Modern Family and took a selfie together in the hot tub where they were filming. Cox posted the picture to Instagram, which caused Victoria to go insane with jealousy, claimed a source. “Victoria went ballistic. She said it was totally inappropriate. She’s done with David’s constant flirting. This fight seems like it could be the final straw.”

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It should be noted that David also posted snapshots from set to his Instagram and, unfortunately for the tabloid’s narrative, Victoria had a very positive reaction to seeing Cox and David together. She commented on the photo, which depicted David and Cox learning their lines, “I can’t wait!!!!!! Kisses x.” That doesn’t seem like something a woman seething with jealous fury would write, but it does sound like a supportive wife’s response. This outlet clearly can’t get anything right when it comes to these two’s marriage.

Gossip Cop has long noticed the tabloid media’s interest in the Beckham’s marriage. Victoria getting jealous over David paying attention, however innocently, to another woman has sparked so many rumors, we compiled the most outrageous ones together.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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