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8 Awesome Four Horsemen Moments You Forgot About The Four Horsemen, led by “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, was one of the best factions ever. They”ve had so many awesome moments, but some were forgotten!

Arn Anderson, Brian Pillman, Barry Windham
WCW found massive success with The Four Horsemen as arguably the first iconic faction. The blueprint was created here for future stables to get over. Ric Flair leading the way with Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard as incredible secondary members carried the most important versions. Other noteworthy wrestlers like Barry Windham, Sid Justice, Sting, Lex Luger, Dean Malenko and plenty others spent time in the group.

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Big moments like the Horsemen betraying Sting, brutally attacking Dusty Rhodes and having emotional reunions are discussed today. However, not all historic moments are given the same treatment. Great matches, segments and general memories deserve more respect looking back at the incredible group. The Four Horsemen’s underrated moments will spark memories for the legendary stable.

The Four Horsemen feuding with Sting created some of the most compelling moments for both parties. Barry Windham had a wild moment during a WCW Championship match between Sting and a relatively young newcomer Sid Vicious when the latter joined the Horsemen.

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The match initially seemed to end in Sid”s favor. However, it was revealed that Windham was wearing the Sting face paint and the match restarted. The real Sting came out and defeated Sid to continue his world title reign.

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7 The Big Boss Man Joining As “War Machine”

War Machine in WCW
Most fans forget that the Big Boss Man had a very short stint in The Four Horsemen under a mask. Manager J.J. Dillon was tasked with appearing in a few matches, but an injury wrote him out for the second-ever War Games match.

The replacement turned out to be Big Boss Man before his fame wrestling under the name of War Machine. There was a fun sense of mystery and suspense behind the character, but he ended up taking the loss and never returning.

The Dungeon of Doom
The Four Horsemen aligned with the spooky Dungeon of Doom faction to become a super heel group looking to take down Hulk Hogan. One of the most ridiculous matches in WWE history featured Hogan and Randy Savage defeating both groups in a handicap double-decker cage match.

The aftermath led to a feud between the two factions going at each other. Chris Benoit and Kevin Sullivan had the most matches against each other using their real-life issues to add to their violent bouts that often stole the show.

5 Arn Anderson Agreeing To Bring Group Back

The Four Horsemen in 1998
The last reunion of the Four Horsemen in WCW featured the emotional moment of Ric Flair’s return. It is forgotten that WCW spent weeks building this up with Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko trying to talk Arn Anderson into the reunion.

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Anderson was against the Horsemen returning until other respected talents like J.J. Dillon talked him into it. The big reveal is remembered for Flair coming back after a long absence, but Anderson’s story was what set up the night.

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Some of the best work of Brian Pillman’s career featured him joining the Four Horsemen faction. The trio of Pillman, Ric Flair, and Arn Anderson needed another member after forming the group to once again get the better of Sting.

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Pillman kept teasing a new member of his choice to add a second young star to align with the two veterans. Chris Benoit was the wrestler selected by Pillman and instantly gained credibility by joining a legendary faction.

3 Miss Elizabeth Joining Faction

The feud between Ric Flair and Randy Savage extended from WWE to WCW in the main event scene. Flair claimed Miss Elizabeth was with him during the WWE feud before Savage eventually won with her by his side every step of the way.

WCW referenced this during the first big feud there between Flair and Savage. Elizabeth instead turned heel by cheating on Savage and becoming the latest valet of The Four Horsemen. Woman, Debra, and Elizabeth all managed the wrestlers at different points with Elizabeth’s heel turn standing out as a major moment.

WCW did a solid job booking the few NFL players who attempted to wrestle there. Kevin Greene was a diehard wrestling fan and was impressive in his few matches. Steve “Mongo” McMichael joined him in a tag match before his full-time wrestling career started.

The Four Horsemen faced the two NFL players with McMichael shocking the world. Debra and Mongo joined the Horsemen when he used a briefcase to hit Greene and cost his team the match. The Horsemen inducted Mongo as a major member for the next few years.

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1 Barry Windham Betraying Lex Luger

The early career of Lex Luger saw him joining The Four Horsemen as a young member looking to learn from the best. Luger eventually left the group when realizing he’d be held down by Ric Flair and the others wanting him in a lower spot.

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The face turn led to Luger uniting with Barry Windham to face off with Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson in the tag team picture. Windham shockingly turned on Luger to join the Horsemen as their fourth member. Most fans and wrestlers name Windham joining as the best incarnation of the group and it started with a huge heel turn.

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