The 12 Most Popular Bottled Water Brands

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Bottled water is the perfect healthy drink that millions of us enjoy every day. You might think that telling the difference between the popular bottled water brands is a lot like choosing a shade of white for your wedding invitations, but there are some distinct differences that do exist.

If you are a bottled water drinker who is looking for a new brand to try, here is a list of 12 bottled water brands with different tastes, prices, and reputation.

1. Dasani


This bottled water is from Coca-Cola, and it is purified tap water remineralized with magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and salt, which gives it a clean and fruity taste. Launched in 1999, Dasani is one of the top bottled water brands in the world, and it comes in various sizes.

Dasani also offers products like Dasani Drops to add flavor to your water, Dasani Flavors which features options like lemon and strawberry, and Dasani Sparkling, which is unsweetened sparkling water that comes in fourteen different flavors.

2. Aquafina

Large bottle of aquafina with blue label and blue cap.

This purified tap water is another extremely popular brand of bottled water that comes from PepsiCo. It goes through a seven-step filtration process called HydRO-7. The company claims that this process takes out more solids than other filtration methods, and that makes it the purest water possible.

The filtration process includes reverse osmosis, ozone sterilization, and ultraviolet. Also started in 1999, Aquafina is the top-selling brand of bottled water in the United States. And, because of its environmental-friendly bottle, it is one of the top bottled water brands on Earth.

In taste tests (yes, there are water taste tests), the reviews on Aquafina report a full-bodied flavor, and they called it the “cabernet of water.”

3. Glaceau SmartWater

Bottle of Smartwater with a clear cap.

This vapor-distilled water comes from the sky and is then given electrolytes to improve the taste. This Coca-Cola brand is tangy and tart, and tastes like it has gone through a Brita filter a few times.

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So, what makes it different from spring water? The process to make Glaceau SmartWater is known as the hydrologic cycle, which simulates the way Mother Nature makes water. It doesn’t come from a tap, and the process makes this water as “pure as the first drop of rain.”

In addition to the classic style, there is also SmartWater Sparkling, SmartWater Alkaline, and SmartWater Antioxidant.

4. Evian

A bottle of Evian water with a light blue cap.

Evian claims their water is a geological miracle because it goes through a 15-year process where rain and snow go through an underground spring and is harvested full of electrolytes and minerals.

Because of this, you can taste the minerals, but it has a thin texture. Mineral water is a lot different from purified water because of the rich, mineral taste that it gets from moving its way through the ground. So, if you like European-style water with a mellow, metallic, earthy taste, then Evian is definitely worth a try.

5. Fiji

A bottle of Fiji water with its signature square shape.
(Fiji Water)

Fiji water comes from the tropical rainfall on the island of Viti Levu in Fiji. It is filtered through volcanic rock where it naturally picks up electrolytes and minerals before welling up in an underground aquifer. This water has no odor and doesn’t leave an aftertaste, plus it is loaded with minerals and electrolytes which makes it a perfect choice for hydration after a workout.

The distinctive square bottle makes Fiji a noticeable brand of bottled water, but it isn’t style over substance. It is a top pick in taste tests, with people describing it as “refreshing” and “mild.” However, if you want it to fit in your car’s cup holder, you will most likely have to buy the smallest bottle, which is 11.15 ounces.

6. Voss

Bottle of Voss water with large gray cap.

If you have ever stayed in a fancy hotel or visited a high-end salon, you might have probably come across this fancy artesian brand from Norway. It is one of the most expensive waters on this list, but it has a lot of character and a ton of minerals. The brand is also committed to sustainability.

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Voss is available in classic still, sparkling and flavored sparkling varieties, as well as Voss+, which adds aquamin, vitamin D, or collagen to the iconic water.

7. Mountain Valley Spring Water

Green bottle of Mountain Valley Spring water.
(Mountain Valley Spring)

This Arkansas-based spring water brand has a long history. It began in 1871 and was a favorite of Presidents (Calvin Coolidge and Dwight D. Eisenhower), Elvis Presley, and even Triple Crown winner Secretariat.

The Thrillist says that Mountain Valley Spring Water tastes like it was filtered through a geological treasure, and that isn’t far from the truth. It takes 3,500 years for rain water to get to the aquifer, and the result is a rejuvenating water with sweet, buttermilk flavors.

It comes in a premium glass bottle, but you can find it in plastic.

8. Deer Park

Bottle of Deer Park water with a white cap.
(Deer Park)

Deer Park is a company that produces real spring water that claims it is 100 percent natural. You get a taste of nature with Deer Park bottled water that is fruity and refreshing. Their water is free of color and sugars, and they select their water from thirteen different springs across four states.

This is one of the most affordable brands on the list, making it perfect for BBQs, camping, and other get togethers.

9. Ozarka

Bottle of Ozarka water with a red label and white cap.

Another brand of natural spring water, Ozarka gets their water from three different Texas springs which give it a fresh, high-quality taste. In addition to their spring water, Ozarka also has sparkling water and distilled water, and the company says that they take good care of every drop to make sure it meets their quality standards.

You can find it just about anywhere in a variety of sizes, making it a great everyday option.

10. Crystal Geyser

Bottle of Crystal Geyser water with a white cap.
(Crystal Geyser)

With balanced pH and some electrolytes, Crystal Geyser does have a mineral-heavy taste that many people find refreshing. It is about half the price of other mineral waters like Fiji, making it good for your budget. Plus, any size bottle will most likely fit into your car’s cup holder.

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However, unlike Fiji’s square bottle, Crystal Geyser has noticeably flimsy, thin plastic bottles with a tiny cap. And, the bottle crinkles every time you pick it up to take a drink. But, that means less plastic waste.

In taste tests, Crystal Geyser beat both Dasani and Aquafina, and it is also much cheaper. You will often find this bottled water brand in large gatherings because you can buy it in bulk quantities at an affordable price.

11. Nestle Pure Life

Bottle of Nestle Pure Life with a white cap.
(Nestle Pure Life)

From Perrier to Poland Spring, Nestle owns 64 different brands of water. But, the most popular by far is Pure Life. As a purified water, it comes from a municipal source or well and is then carbon filtered, softened, demineralized, and then re-mineralized.

But, it doesn’t taste like it is full of minerals. Instead, it has a clean taste and neutral flavor which will quench your thirst. Nestle Pure Life is also extremely affordable, hence why it’s common to see this bottled water just about everywhere.

12. Hint

3 bottles of Hint flavored water in watermelon, blackberry, and pineapple.

If you think that drinking a lot of plain water can get a bit boring, or if you are looking for a sweet alternative to soda, Hint water is the brand for you. Hint is unsweetened flavored water that is infused with fruit like watermelon, blackberries, and pineapple. And, there is no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or calories.

Everything they use in Hint water comes from plants, and they use individual essences and extracts to get the sweet flavor without using sugar.

Yes, this water is a bit different than the others on the list. But, we couldn’t leave Hint off of the list because it has recently exploded in popularity.

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