Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn Eloping? Here’s What We’ve Heard

Did Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn secretly elope? 365 days ago Gossip Cop confronted a story about the “Betty” writers tying the knot over Zoom. Let’s look back on that story and see what happened.

Rush To Marriage

Heat reported that Swift was determined to marry Alwyn as soon as possible, pandemic be damned. Insiders said the ceremony “won’t be more than five minutes, tops.” they would have preferred a massive wedding in the United Kingdom, but they were content to settle for a Zoom ceremony and maybe something low-key in Nashville.

A tipster concluded, “Joe was afraid Taylor would be disappointed without the big white wedding, but she assured him that she doesn’t need a big show…so long as they have each other, that’s enough for her.”

Gossip Cop was immediately suspicious of this story. Just a week earlier this same tabloid claimed Blake Lively was planning Swift’s wedding, yet that story went completely unmentioned in the new one. A few months before that, Swift and Alwyn were getting married in London, according to the outlet. This total lack of consistency betrayed how little it knows about the “Our Song” singer. With a track record this terrible, it was easy to debunk the story.

Did They Elope?

Nope! Swift and Alwyn are still happily dating, but there’s been no wedding announcement. Rumors really kicked into overdrive in December when Swift posted a photo of herself in a white dress. It turned out the photo was just promoting the video for “Willow.”

Swift is notorious for dropping hints and teases in her press releases, so this wasn’t actually too far-fetched. Rumors still run rampant that she and Alwyn could get married very soon, but nothing’s happened quite yet.

Other Tall Tales

While many tabloids are busy promoting a power struggle between Swift and Alwyn, Heat’s been busy promoting weddings that never happen. It claimed Emma Watson would have a secret wedding, and that Meghan Markle would get re-married for TV. Neither ceremony ever happened.

In an eerily similar story, this tabloid reported that Kate Holmes was rushing to elope with chef Emilio Vitolo Jr. She did not get hitched, and the two broke up not long afterward. Eloping is nothing more than a tired trope. It’s a way of promoting a wedding when there’s no proof that any wedding is in the works. A Swift and Alwyn wedding would not be surprising in the least, but that won’t make this bogus story true.

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