Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Are Planning To Announce Engagement

Taylor Swift’s love life has been a topic of discussion for over a decade now. Is the “Our Song” singer about to announce her engagement to longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn? Gossip Cop investigates.

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‘He Belongs With Her’

According to the National Enquirer, Swift and Alwyn “are expect to confirm their engagement any day now.’ Sources say Swift “can’t wait to be the British actor’s bride and their inner circle is whispering they’re also planning for a baby.” The “22” singer “wants to have a large family with him and sees them being together forever.”

The tabloid goes on to discuss their future living arrangements. They’ll “be spending most of the holidays at her family home in Tennessee,” but probably head to the UK once it’s safe to travel again. An insider says “they’ve been unofficially engaged for the longest time now.” Once the two do get engaged, “there’s no rush” for the wedding because “they want to enjoy their engagement.”

Swift Engagement Is Tabloid Fodder

Gossip Cop genuinely doesn’t know if Swift is about to announce an engagement or not. The possibility of a Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn wedding has been a popular tabloid story for years now. Nearly once a month we see another tabloid predicting wedding details, but no engagement has been announced yet. Should Swift announce an engagement, then it wouldn’t really be a case where the Enquirer got the story right, and more that it happened to print its current version of events at the right time, accidently.

Swift isn’t a completely open book like some of her contemporaries. She talks about her personal life mostly in her music but isn’t constantly posting on Instagram or Twitter. We do know that she and Alwyn have been dating for about four years now, and he helped write some songs on Folklore and other albums. An engagement would not be unexpected, but there isn’t any evidence that suggests one is imminent.

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We also busted this tabloid when it claimed Swift had furiously fired members of her team for allowing her to do Cats. While Cats was universally panned, Swift did get a Golden Globe nomination out of it and only had nice things to say about the experience. With all these busted stories in mind, we don’t believe this tabloid has any actual insight into Swift’s personal life and is just publishing a story that people would like to read.

Boy Who Cried Wolf Situation

This is now at least the third time the Enquirer has predicted that Swift would soon be engaged to Alwyn. It claimed they’d get married on July 4, 2019, but they didn’t. It then said in August 2019 that Swift was anxious to get married. Every time the tabloid prints this story, it gets progressively more believable, but Gossip Cop simply can’t trust this outlet when it’s been wrong so many times before.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.

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