Stacey Dash Tricked Ex-Husband Into Marrying Her With Hyponosis?

Did Stacey Dash trick her now ex-husband Jeffrey Marty into marrying him? A tabloid cited court documents that paint a muddy picture of the situation at best. Gossip Cop investigates the claim to see if we can make sense of the story.

Stacey Dash “Tricked” Ex-Husband Into Marriage?

The National Enquirer reports this week that court documents show Jeffrey Marty accused Stacey Dash of “tricking him into marrying her.” The marriage, which is the Clueless actress’ fourth, has been annulled after Marty claimed in documents that Dash’s pastor used “hypnotic prayer techniques” on him. Marty, an attorney, wrote,

[He] spoke various ‘prophetic’ messages over my life, including claiming from that point forward I was somehow ‘ready’ to serve the lord. Ms. Dash’s pastor then asked me to pray with him while staring at his face in an unusual and hypnotic way.

Court Documents Paint Dash’s Pastor As A “Cult Leader”

Marty further referred to the pastor as a “cult leader” who allegedly insisted that he and Dash “must be married, both spiritually and legally.” If the then-couple did not “obey his alleged prophetic vision, various demonic influences would destroy our then-existing romantic relationship.”

As a result of what Marty called “religious fraud and undue influence” in his request for an annulment, he and Dash were married in April 2018. According to Page Six, the pair had only known each other for ten days before tying the knot. The marriage lasted for only about a year and a half before it fell apart.

In September 2019, Dash was arrested on a misdemeanor charge for domestic battery against Marty. The charges were dropped after Marty bailed Dash out of jail, but by then the damage to the relationship was already done and Dash filed for divorce nine months after the incident.

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She listed October 1, 2019 as the date of separation, which was one day after Dash’s domestic violence arrest. The annulment was granted, effectively dissolving the marriage as if it never existed. Stacey Dash agreed to the annulment in legal papers, writing,

I did not notice anything unusual about his mental state at the time of the marriage … For the purposes of this litigation only, I believe that he believes what is contained in his petition.

The actress’ rep has further insisted Dash is “very happy the whole ordeal is over and wishes Jeffrey nothing but the best.” It seems as if the situation worked out well for both parties, and both appear to be committed to moving forward with their lives.

Gossip Cop’s Take: It’s Complicated

Dash doesn’t deny Marty’s recollection of the events that preceded the two’s doomed nuptials, but she also doesn’t admit to orchestrating those events, either. There’s no evidence that proves Dash specifically worked out a scenario to purposefully “trick” Marty into matrimony. The pastor in the documents seems to have been the main actor in that situation, with his “hypnotic prayer techniques.” As a result of the difficult nature of this story, Gossip Cop can’t say for certain if it’s true or false, therefore it probably lies somewhere in the middle.

We’re not surprised to see the Enquirer exaggerate claims in order to push a salacious headline. It’s a tactic we’ve seen from the shady supermarket magazine in the past, particularly when it comes to high-profile divorces or rumors thereof. This is the same outlet that falsely claimed Barbra Streisand had been “blindsided” by divorce papers from James Brolin.

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The outlet’s bombastic headline hid the fact that the “divorce papers” referenced by the tabloid were actually from Brolin’s first marriage, filed in1984, which was a full decade before Streisand and Brolin, even met. More recently, the tabloid made the bogus claim that Kelly Clarkson was thinking about quitting The Voice over Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s ties to her ex-husband. The story was equally false, which might be why we have a difficult time trusting the gossip rag’s tales.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop cannot come to a verdict either way.

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