Spanish Fly Wrestling Move, 10 Wwe Wrestlers With The Best Spanish Fly

10 WWE Wrestlers With The Best Spanish Fly The Spanish Fly is a beautiful move pulled off to perfection by a select few in the WWE. But here are the very best WWE wrestlers to pull it off!

Mustafi Ali, Angel Garza Spanish Fly
When a wrestler is on the top rope, fans can always expect something spectacular to happen. From a Five Star Frog Splash to a 630 degree senton, different generations of superstars have managed to raise the bar. While some superstars use highflying moves as a part of their arsenal, some use them as a finisher.

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A Spanish Fly is one such maneuver which is a moonsault side slam in wrestling terms that is absolutely breathtaking to watch, although this move never seems to win a match. Only a handful of the current wrestlers on the WWE roster have performed the move and, while some have a decent execution, others have a seamless motion pulling off the move.

When highflying moves are being discussed, Lucha Libre style of wrestling always finds its way into the discussion. Kalisto, a Lucha Libre wrestler, may be smaller in size compared to your average wrestler but he”s definitely big in heart and some of his moves are absolutely breathtaking.

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Kalisto performed the Spanish Fly against The Brian Kendrick and Cedric Alexander at Survivor Series 2016 and WWE Greatest Royal Rumble 2018 respectively.

9 Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Spanish Fly
Charlotte Flair has inherited a lot from The Nature Boy, including his charisma but also, she has impressive athleticism. Charlotte is considered to be one of the most athletic female wrestlers on the current roster and her moves are equally impressive.

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Charlotte has performed the Spanish Fly quite a few times, most notably in her incredible match against Asuka at WrestleMania 34.

Angel Garza Spanish Fly
Touted as the next Eddie Guerrero, Angel Garza is an extremely talented wrestler. This was quite evident during his initial days in NXT where he established a unique persona for himself as someone with quite a bit of charm to go with his amazing in-ring skills.

Garza performed the Spanish Fly on Montez Ford at Clash Of Champions where he teamed with Andrade for the Raw Tag Team Championship.

7 John Morrison

John Morrison Spanish Fly
A return that many considered was wasted this year by WWE was that of John Morrison”s. This extremely talented wrestler and professional parkour athlete found himself in a triple threat ladder match at 2020″s WrestleMania, but this one spot really showcased Morrison”s ability as a performer.

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Morrison walked the tight rope from corner to corner to catch Kofi off-guard and deliver an amazing Spanish Fly from the top rope. Talk about parkour-wrestling crossover!

One of the most talented and gifted superstars on the current roster, Cedric Alexander proved his mettle every week on 205 Live along with the likes of Ali, Neville and Lio Rush, just to name a few. Besides this, Alexander is an excellent seller in the ring as well. His match with Kota Ibushi in the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic put him on the map as far as WWE is considered.

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Cedric performs a standing/running Spanish Fly where he counters an opponent approaching him and turning him inside out to perform the move.

5 Dominik Dijakovic

One of the most underrated workers with an incredible amount of athleticism is Dominik Dijakovic. He is a big man who moves so smoothly in the ring. His matches with Keith Lee, another incredible superstar, have been nothing short of spectacular.

During his NXT TakeOver match with Keith Lee, Dijakovic performed a top rope Spanish Fly with the big man in one of the craziest spots of the night.

“The Genius of the Sky” Io Shirai has been a very dominant NXT Women”s Champion ever since she defeated Charlotte Flair. By far, Io Shirai has the best moonsault in the current crop of talent, if not the entire world.

Io has performed the Spanish Fly on Candice Lerae during their NXT Takeover match to an insane pop.

3 Keith Lee

Dijakovic performed a Spanish Fly on Keith Lee. Well, Keith Lee is equally, if not a better athlete and wouldn”t be upstaged by his opponent. As the commentators would say, Keith Lee is a monster who moves like a cruiserweight, and that he would be a perfect fit for 305 Live. And, he did just that. During an NXT TV taping, Lee performed an avalanche Spanish Fly on Dijakovic. Let that sink in!

Despite this, it was shocking to see Keith Lee being sent to the Performance Center to polish his wrestling skills by Vince McMahon.

The current Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin is a tremendous in-ring technician trained by the current NXT Champion Finn Balor. While people believed him to be a Finn Balor 2.0, Devlin quickly established his unique identity and started making waves over at NXT UK.

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Jordan Devlin has one of the smoothest Spanish Flys ever where everything appears in one smooth fluid motion. Apart from the top rope, Devlin has shown that he could perform a standing/running Spanish Fly as well.

1 Mustafa Ali

If someone has improved his wrestling skills exponentially in a short duration of time, it has to be Mustafa Ali. When he appeared first at the Cruiserweight Classic, he wowed the fans with his impressive moves but still was quite green in the ring.

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A 205 Live entry allowed him to further polish his skills and now his moves are absolutely a treat to watch and his selling is also on point. His springboard Spanish Fly is a thing of beauty that you”d have to see to believe it. His Spanish Fly at WrestleMania wowed John Cena as well. That speaks a lot!

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