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We are officially a week into the UEFA Euro 2020 soccer tournament! It was originally scheduled for June – July 2020 yet had to be postponed by a year due to the pandemic.

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Italy’s national football team is well-known colloquially by its nickname Gli Azzurri which indicates The Blues. This is because Savoy blue is the prevalent colour of all the nationwide groups representing Italy.

Why does Italy wear blue, you can ask? Well, once Italy played its very initially game earlier in 1910, the country was still under the Savoia monarchy, so they embraced the colours of the imperial home fairly than the tricolours of the Italian flag.


According to the current FIFA World Ranemperors, Italy is presently 7th in the human being, but they have populated initially place a number of times over the years.

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If you are a fan of Italy and also desire to recognize just how to cheer them on in the Italian language, you’ve concerned the appropriate place. Keep on scrolling to discover out more!

Forza Azzurri!

Let’s go Italy! / Come on Italy!

The word forza in Italian literally implies strength, however it can additionally attribute as an exhortation, a lot like the English expressions Come on! / Let’s go! / You have the right to do it!

Un pallone da calcio = a soccer ball

Forza is often combined via various other exhortations such as dai and su which more or less intend the exact same thing. In reality, Italians frequently use all three together for emphasis:

Dai su, forza!

Come on!!

Sometimes, rather of the team name, you will hear Italians say ragazzi which in this context indicates guys.

Forza ragazzi! Ce la potete fare!

Come on, guys! You have the right to carry out it!

Keep Calm and Forza Azzurri!

And what about the remainder of the year, when the national championships are over and also done with? That’s when you’ll want to start cheering for one of the Italian football clubs! Some of the many renowned include:

Forza Juventus / Juve! = Let’s go Juventus! / Come on Juventus!Forza Milan! = Let’s go Milan!Forza Inter! = Let’s go Inter Milan!

When my husband was bit, he recalls reading the magazine Forza Juventus, which was entirely dedicated to the Juventus team. You’ll additionally find countless banners, posters and also various other merchandise through Forza + the name of the team. And Italians also usage it in conversation to make it clear that their favourite team is.

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Oh mi raccomando, domani, Forza Toro! – Ma quale Toro! No, no! Domani, Forza Juve!

Hey remember, tomorrow, cheer for Turin! – Turin? What are you talking about? No, no! Tomorrow, cheer for Juve!

Juventus fans crowding Piazza Vittorio – I tifosi della Juventus affollano Piazza Vittorio
calcio = soccer / football (literally indicates “kick”)tifosi = fans / supportersCoppa del Mondo = World Cuppallone = ball (likewise soccer / football)portiere = goalkeepergiocatore = playerarbitro = refereecartellino rosso / giallo = red / yellow cardcampo da calcio = soccer / footsphere field
gol = goal (also offered through the English spelling)squadra = teamstadio = stadiumpartita = enhance / gamefallo = foulporta = goal postrigore = penaltycalcio d’angolo = edge kickcalcio di punizione = free kickcambio / sostituzione = substitutionriserva = reserve player

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