‘Skin And Bones’ Johnny Depp Looks Like He’s On ‘His Last Voyage’?

Johnny Depp has gone from one of the world’s biggest stars to one of its quietest after a series of legal battles and his extremely messy divorce from Amber Heard. One report says that he’s on a downward slide to ruin. Here’s what we know.

Johnny Depp Needs Help

“Johnny’s A Skin & Bones Strummer” shouted one headline in the National Enquirer. According to the outlet, “shocking photos of swashbuckling train wreck Johnny Depp” make it look a whole lot like he’s “on his last voyage!” Depp was apparently looking quite haggard at a charity appearance, which was part of his plans to “revamp his battered image” after his disastrous legal battles with ex-wife Amber Heard.

However, “reports of his boozing with the boys in his band” have spread like wildfire, and recent appearances even has some wondering if he’ll ever make it out of his tailspin. “He was gulping booze during the event from a coffee cup,” a source revealed. “His security guys had to keep him steady on his feet!”

What’s Going On With Johnny Depp?

This report came out months ago and referred to a January 2020 performance as evidence that Depp was looking skeletal. While it is true that the past few years have been hard on him — and that his legal battles are far from over — we don’t think the Enquirer is being honest here. Johnny Depp looks about the same as usual. Photos of him from that same month feature him looking healthy, so we have no idea what the tabloid was worried about.

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Between the pandemic and his lawsuits, it’s no real surprise that Johnny Depp has been out of the spotlight. However, he seems to be doing just fine. He’s done a little bit of promotion for one of his recent films, and his career doesn’t look like it’s over. These sorts of rumors are extremely common for the Waiting for the Barbarians actor. Our top Johnny Depp story from all of last year was one about how he’d certainly be dead by Christmas. He’s got an unconventional lifestyle, sure, but we doubt he’s ready to keel over out of nowhere.

There’s History Here

The Enquirer absolutely loves ragging on the actor, and it shows in its past reporting about Depp. Even years ago, the tabloid made up a story about Depp refusing to do any interviews to avoid any questions about his ex-wife despite the fact that he’d already done a number of interviews already, as well as reporting that he was feuding with Disney bigwigs after they cast Amber Heard in a live-action Tangled. Unsurprisingly, there wasn’t even another Tangled movie in the works and the whole tale was false.

It also declared that he was ruined for good after losing in court back in November, and it confidently asserted that he’d never get another job after the allegations first surfaced. The tabloid loves speculating about Depp’s future, but it hasn’t gotten it right yet.

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