‘Shriveled’ Shirley MacLaine Looks ‘Unrecognizable’ After Failed Facelifts Caused ‘Mug Meltdown’

Was Shirley MacLaine the victim of a failed facelift that left the 86-year-old actress with a “wrinkled, melted wax” face? A tabloid recently reported that the former “legendary Hollywood beauty” looks completely unrecognizable. Gossip Cop looked into the report and came to our own conclusion on the matter. 

Shirley MacLaine’s ‘Shriveled’ Face Leaves ‘Medical Experts’ Shocked?

“Shriveled Shirley’s Face-Lift Fails!” screamed the headline out of the Globe. The disreputable tabloid claimed the Can-Can actress looked “unrecognizable” in recent paparazzi photos, and quoted “shocked medical experts” who concluded that the star’s previous plastic surgery had failed. As a result, the rude outlet continued, the Oscar winner’s face looked like it had “collapsed.” Naturally, the photos the outlet provided were from unflattering angles and feature the actress wearing no makeup on what’s clearly a casual stroll.

To back up its claims that MacLaine was suffering from a failed face-lift, the outlet consulted with three “top surgeons,” none of whom had ever treated the actress. The consensus among the three quacks was that sudden weight loss on top of the star’s previous cosmetic work might have triggered her “shocking current look” and “puckered puss.” One of these so-called medical experts was so bold and unprofessional as to refer to MacLaine’s “unusual lines on her kisser.”

The tabloid, ever classless, smugly pointed to its 2015 report that MacLaine had “too many nip/tucks” and was in the early stages of a “mug meltdown.” In conclusion, one doctor guessed that MacLaine had just decided “to hell with it and have no more surgery,” and would just let her face “fall.” This alleged “top” doc is about a decade too late in his assessment. 

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Let’s Hear Directly From MacLaine Herself

In her 2011 memoir I’m Over All That: And Other Confessions, Shirley MacLaine discussed her facelift frankly, writing, “I never cared how I looked or how I dressed until I was about 50…So I had my face lifted,” before cheekily adding, “Never do that in the middle of a love affair because it’s disconcerting to your partner.” She went on to say that she loved the way she looked afterwards, confessing, “I became quite enamoured of my face, and preferred to have dinner wherever there were mirrors.” 

Despite loving the look, MacLaine admitted in 2007 that she wouldn’t undergo any further procedures, saying, “I’m not gonna do anymore. I want to play good parts that are my age. I don’t want to have the audience wonder if I’m making an expression or not.” It’s clear that MacLaine has stuck to that declaration. To be clear, the famed actress’ face is not collapsing, nor is she suffering from a “mug meltdown,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Shirley MacLaine is 86 years old and has lived life to the fullest. Of course she’d have wrinkles and sagging bits.

The tabloid was also sneaky enough to include pictures of the actress wearing little to no makeup to make the comparison between her past looks more exaggerated. In other paparazzi shots where the actress is dressed similarly and clearly not wearing makeup, she looks far more recognizable. It’s almost as if the outlet found and zoomed in on photos to deliberately distort MacLaine’s image. She also doesn’t look nearly as pale as the tabloid’s photos paint her out to be, which makes us suspect that the photo was distorted in more than one way. 

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An All Too Common Tabloid Tactic

Whenever the Globe or its sister outlet the National Enquirer has access to an unflattering photo of an actress, the tabloid’s go-to narrative is that they’ve ruined their good looks with too much plastic surgery. The entertainment industry, and the tabloid media in particular, have always been especially cruel to women, but this outlet seems to have special vendetta against successful women in Hollywood. 

Gossip Cop recently took the shameless magazine’s sister outlet to task for a recent article claiming Paula Abdul had gone “overboard” on plastic surgery. The outlet wasn’t only rude, it was completely wrong. It also claimed earlier this year that “fishy” Jessica Simpson’s appearance was causing concerns amongst her loved ones. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s no low these gossip rags won’t stoop to. 

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