Selena Gomez NOT “Pregnant Bride” With Justin Bieber, Despite Tabloid Cover Story

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Selena Gomez is not a “pregnant bride.” She wasn’t one with The Weeknd back in February and she isn’t now going to be one with Justin Bieber in November. Gossip Cop can bust this unoriginal and inaccurate tabloid cover story claim.

The new cover of Life & Style is falsely announcing, “Selena’s Going To Be A Pregnant Bride!” But it’s apparent right off the bat that the tabloid has packaged a deceptive cover story. Not only is the allegation about a “wedding” and “baby” untrue, but even the art featured on the front of the edition is a fabrication. The gossip magazine is showing what appears to be a picture of Bieber and Gomez together, but this is a digitally-edited photo manipulation. In actuality, Bieber posed alone at a charity basketball game in August while Gomez was posing with a collaborator at the InStyle Awards in October. The outlet photoshopped the two images together to give fake credence to its manufactured cover story.

If a publication isn’t even telling the truth about a photo, and doesn’t even acknowledge it manipulated the pictures, there’s no reason to believe it’s telling the truth when it comes to something as serious as marriage and pregnancy. According to the fictional article, Gomez and Bieber are “making plans to get married and start a family as soon as possible,” and a so-called “insider” supposedly “expects Selena to be a pregnant bride.” “She doesn’t want to waste another precious second,” claims the tabloid’s alleged snitch. A purported “source” also contends to the magazine that while the pair “had discussed eloping,” Gomez “wants a wedding, the bigger the better. She wants a white dress, thousands of colorful roses and her very best friends for bridesmaids.”

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The publication even alleges there could be two weddings, one in Texas and one in California. As for having a baby, the aforementioned “source” speculates, “She could be pregnant already. And if she is pregnant, she will be over the moon.” And while the “insider” also doesn’t actually know if Gomez is expecting, this supposed tipster alleges she and Bieber have already picked out names like “Eva or Ava, Marie, Harlow and Stella” for a girl and “Jacob” for a boy. Notably, when Life & Style falsely claimed Gomez was a “pregnant bride” with The Weeknd earlier this year, the name of choice was “Eva Marie.”

The tabloid isn’t just recycling general storylines, but even some of the specifics. It’s also worth mentioning that this same magazine also tried to dupe readers into thinking Gomez was pregnant with Zedd’s baby in 2015 and Bieber’s in 2014. Years later, the outlet is still trying to trick fans. Because if the publication actually had real “sources” and “insiders,” it wouldn’t have published four untrue pregnancy cover stories in three years, including two in 2017 alone that involved different men. That’s why the same Gomez contact, who also helped debunk The Weeknd and Zedd tales on background, didn’t hold back when talking to Gossip Cop, calling Life & Style “disgusting” for its “lies.”

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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