Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick’s Marriage In Trouble After Beachside Fight?

Are Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick about to break up? One report says the two got caught fighting on the beach, and now even the Sex and the City reboot could be in jeopardy. Gossip Cop has the story.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Beach Bust-Up’

According to Woman’s Day, the filming of And Just Like That… has put Parker into a bossy mode. She’s reportedly bringing her domineering attitude and stress home to Broderick and the kids. During a recent beach trip, Parker looked tense instead of relaxed, the outlet notes.

A friend of Parker’s says, “Whenever she gets involved in a new project — and they don’t get much bigger than a follow-up to her biggest hit — she goes into ‘boss mode’ and brings it home.” This apparently manifested in her “barking out orders” to Broderick at the beach, which he does not like. “Matthew’s beside himself. They had a deal to not let this show drive a wedge between them and taking family days out was part of that,” the friend explains. All Broderick can do now is hope the reboot “isn’t commissioned for a second season — he wants his wife back!”

When Will Matthew Broderick Get His Wife Back?

This is a classic tabloid strategy to use only certain photos to tell a misleading story. The story is equipped only with pictures of Parker supposedly “barking out orders” at her husband. You won’t be surprised to learn that this isn’t what really happened. Photos from the same trip show Parker kicking back and reading a book on a nice sunny day.

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Keep in mind that Broderick and Parker got married in 1997. They were wed before she landed Sex and the City, so he’s been by her side literally its entire run. With decades of experience at this point, it’s safe to say they can survive a few more episodes.

How’s Filming Going For Sarah Jessica Parker?

And Just Like That… has already bred many bogus tabloid stories. New Idea claimed that Parker was feuding with Cynthia Nixon, but the two were gushing about one another on Instagram. The National Enquirer claimed she got a stress rash from working on the show, but we pointed out there was nothing connecting skin redness and a struggling production. The blemish also cleared up quickly, so Gossip Cop was right to debunk the story.

More Bogus Parker Stories

As for Woman’s Day, it invented a rivalry between Parker and Bette Middler. A spokesperson for Parker told us that this story was “absolutely false.” It also claimed the Ed Wood star was going broke because she sold her townhouse.

Selling the townhouse made Parker about $20.5 million richer, not poorer. These tabloids have tried to break Parker and Broderick up for years now, yet they’re still happily married. The Sex and the City reboot is not causing marriage-breaking stress, so this story is completely false.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Going Broke?

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